Sea Of Thieves: How To Become An Emissary

A major aspect of the gameplay in Sea of Thieves involves Emissaries, but how do you become one? First, you must understand what an Emissary is and the rewards you can earn from pursuing this venture. It can be very lucrative for you, not to mention it is an integral part of the gameplay that was created to make it more interesting.

If you have wandered past the Trading Companies and seen the tables where you can buy a flag, there are a few things you should know. It can take some time before you can become an Emissary in Sea of Thieves, but it is well worth the wait.

What Is An Emissary?

An Emissary is a pirate who is recruited by the Trading Companies to be their official representative on the seas. You can obtain a flag to hoist on your mast to declare your alliance to a specific company.

There are currently five Trading Companies who you can work for, and they are: 

  • Gold Hoarders
  • Order of Souls
  • The Reaper’s Bones (a bloodthirsty Trading Company focused on PVP combat)
  • Merchant Alliance
  • Athena’s Fortune


The whole reason for becoming an Emissary is so that you can collect extra rewards and make your way to becoming a Pirate Legend. You will earn more reputation and gold when you have a flag raised while gathering items and completing voyages.

It will help you rise up the ranks more quickly within a Trading Company as the items you collect will now be worth more.

How Do You Become An Emissary?

While becoming an Emissary isn’t difficult, it will take some time before you can claim the title. First, you need to earn three promotions, which comes out to be Level 15, with the Trading Company.

You can accomplish this by selling them items or completing their voyages, with the quickest way being the latter. Once you have earned enough promotions then you can purchase an Emissary flag off each Emissary Table in front of their tents for 20,000 gold.

However, this rule only applies to the Gold Hoarders, Merchant Alliance, and the Order of Souls. Athena’s Fortune doesn’t require any promotions, so you can go directly to their table and pay 20,000 gold for a flag.

The Reaper’s Bones also functions a bit differently as the only requirement is that you find their base called The Reaper’s Hideout. Once you have discovered their location then you can buy their flag for 20,000 gold. Although, you can access their Emissary Table at the outposts once you have their flag, but they appear as shrines rather than a table.

How To Raise The Flag?

When you decide you want to raise a Trading Company’s Emissary flag then you must equip it to your ship, but the process differs from typical customization practices. If you want to raise a flag you have to create a vote by going to the Trading Company’s Emissary Table, similar to the process of voting on Voyages.

Your entire crew must vote on the flag in order for it to be raised and your ship must be nearby in order for a vote to count. It should also be noted that this cannot be raised and lowered at will, rather, it can only be done at Outposts or if you happen to sink.

After the vote is complete you can then see a map on the table that shows how many other Emissaries for this Trading Company are currently on the server.

Do You Have To Choose Just One Trading Company?

The answer is no, but you can’t work for multiple Trading Companies as an Emissary at one time. Yes, you can buy all of their flags although only one can be raised at a time. It is why voting is such an integral part of the process as it determines which single Trading Company your crew will be working for.

What Is Your Emissary Grade?

Your Emissary Grade determines your success at sea when you work for a Trading Company, as well as the size of your reward. There are five tiers and you can see your current progress in the Reputation tab in your menu.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you lower your flag or sink, then your Emissary Grade resets back to one. It is not stagnant and it makes each session more enjoyable as your crew works their way up to become the best ship in the sea once again.

How Do You Raise Your Emissary Grade?

If you want to raise your Emissary Grade you have to complete various tasks while representing your preferred company. Not everything counts toward this such as picking up crates or selling Treasure and many tasks are for Emissaries for specific Trading Companies.

However, a few things that can help raise it include:

  • Completing Voyages for specific Trading Companies
  • Sinking other Emissary player ships (for The Reaper’s Bones Emissaries)
  • Finishing World Events (except for The Reaper’s Bones Emissaries)
  • Defeating Skeleton Captains (for the Order of Souls Emissaries)

The rewards you are given based on your Emissary Grade are as follows:

  • Grade 1: Base Reward
  • Grade 2: +33%
  • Grade 3: +67%
  • Grade 4: +100%
  • Grade 5: +150%

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