Sega Genesis Mini 2 Coming To North America On October 27

Sega has announced the Western release date of its Sega Genesis Mini 2 console, which will release in North America on October 27 later this year. It isn't confirmed at the moment if the system is coming to any other territories like the UK or the rest of Europe. Pre-orders are currently live, although it seems like consoles are being shipped exclusively by Amazon Japan.

Sega first revealed the console in Japan quite a while ago, but the Sega Genesis Mini 2's North American release date was revealed on Wednesday via the company's official Twitter account. Sega also included a link to the console's official site, which includes a trailer, more details, and a partial list of titles that will be playable.

The system will include a number of classic Sega Genesis titles, such as Sonic 3D Blast, Outrun, Virtua Racing, Super Hang On, and Fantasy Zone, but will also include several Sega CD titles as well. Currently known titles that will be included are Sonic CD, Shining Force CD, Silpheed, Mansion of Hidden Souls, and Night Striker. As previously mentioned, this is just a partial list, and the system will include over 50 pre-loaded titles from both the Sega Genesis and Sega CD.

However, one of the more interesting aspects of the system is that it will actually include a new game that we've "never seen before." What this could be is anyone's best guess, but Nintendo did something similar with its SNES mini console and the previously unreleased Star Fox 2. Whether this mysterious game is a new IP entirely or another title in an already established series remains to be seen.

In other Sega-related news, the company recently announced plans to turn certain Atlus properties into live-action movies or tv shows, specifically referring to the "high drama, cutting-edge style, and compelling characters" of the Persona series. While Persona is pretty likely to be adapted in the future, the company didn't mention whether any potential projects would adapt the games or if they'd just be set in the same universe.

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