Shady Publisher Dispatch Games Finally Dispatched

The relevant authorities in the state of Tennessee have finally put an end to the controversial publisher known as Dispatch Games, listing the company as inactive for lack of funds. Based in Tennessee, Dispatch was previously listed as inactive in California where the company was also registered for business purposes. The publisher was founded by Brian Schorr who offered limited run physical editions of rare games to interested buyers.

The company in question has been attracting a lot of attention over the last couple of years for accepting preorders, but never actually delivering the promised products. This of course prompted concerns from numerous consumers about a potential scam.

The news comes from Seafoam Gaming by way of Resetera where people have been expressing their complete lack of surprise over the matter. “I preordered Japan Rail Sim physical from them probably three years ago,” the user going by TheBigKahuna808 remarked. “Not a peep since then. It's not scummy business, it's literal theft. This man took thousands of dollars from people and years after the fact has at most delivered digital codes to those who preordered games from him.”

“Some sort of ‘come to Jesus’ moment would be nice,” TheBigKahuna808 said. “A bit of honesty would be appreciated. Then he went and wiped his Twitter history and locked his tweets so that no one could reply.”

“Their business could still technically be alive since it’s still a one person joint and their website exists, but honestly, when both states you operate in show you as inactive due to not having funds to go on, it’s beyond apparent that those three year old preorders are never happening,” Seafoam Gaming reported. “Brian Schorr scammed you all. Even if his company never intended to do that when it was formed, it ended up that way due to a series of events.”

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