Shin Megami Tensei 5: How to Unlock All Endings

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  • Uphold God's Order
  • Destroy the Throne
  • Recreate the World
  • Secret Ending: Create a World for Humanity

Like its predecessors, Shin Megami Tensei 5 has multiple endings based on the choices you make throughout the story. Of the four possible endings, three are relatively easy to unlock, hinging on a single choice. The secret fourth ending requires a little more legwork, but its worth it for completionists and players who don't like being beholden to the machinations of gods and demons.

The decision point that determines the game's ending appears after you defeat Metatron in the Temple of Eternity. There is no restriction regarding which choice you can make, but choosing the ending that aligns with your previous decisions unlocks a powerful new Miracle. Additionally, you may need to pay 660,000 Macca if your decision does not mesh with your alignment to this point. The secret ending can only be unlocked in New Game Plus, so you'll need to play through the game at least twice to see it.

Ending Spoilers Ahead!

Uphold God's Order

If the player decides to Uphold God's Order, absolute Law is imposed on the world ushering in an age of peace – at the expense of free will. Siding mostly with Abdiel throughout the storyline allows you to take this decision without penalty, and unlocks the Rank Violation Miracle, which removes the level limit for demon fusion. After swearing to enforce God's will, you will gain access to quests that allow you to recruit or fuse Maria and Michael as playable demons.

Destroy the Throne

Siding with Nuwa allows the player to easily refuse rulership over the world, leaving humanity to fight on its own against the forces of Chaos without divine protection. Defying both Law and Chaos means you will not gain access to any new Miracles but will unlock a quest to make Danu available as a fusible demon.

Recreate the World

A player that has frequently aligned themselves with Prime Minister Koshimizu can use the power of the Throne to rebuild the world entirely, ruled by free will and prone to Chaos as conflicting ideologies clash. Choosing this path after aligning yourself with Chaos throughout the game unlocks the Inheritance Violation Miracle, which allows the player to replace starting skills after demon fusion. It also unlocks quests to make Inanna and Belial available as demons to recruit or fuse

Secret Ending: Create a World for Humanity

After completing the game once, start a new adventure in New Game +. Over the course of your journey, you'll need to complete the quest chains for Amanozako, Fion MacCumhaill, and Khonsu. Additionally, you must refrain from killing Khonsu and complete the new quest that doing so unlocks, "The Succession of Ra." Finally, you'll need to defeat Shiva, the toughest boss in Shin Megami Tensei 5.

Once all that is done, choose to Destroy the Throne after the fight with Metatron. If all the conditions are met, you'll have an opportunity to take a new decision after the final battle. Choose to Create a World for Humanity Alone to unlock the game's secret ending, where the protagonist erases gods and demons from existence to end the struggle once and for all.

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