Silent Hill Creator’s Next Game, Slitterhead, Announced At The Game Awards

Keiichiro Toyama, the creator of Silent Hill, has revealed his new studio's next game at The Game Awards – Slitterhead.

Slitterhead was revealed as part of The Game Awards 2021 and is the first time we've seen the game from Bokeh Game Studio. The trailer shows Japan overrun by some sort of parasite, although it doesn't reveal what kind of game it'll be.

We do get a good look at the tone of Splitterhead, though. Despite the focus on horror, there's also some dark humour sprinkled in and creative action scenes. The final shot of the trailer shows a woman overrun by the parasite before she transforms back to normal and smiles at the camera.

Beyond the monsters and civilians being killed, we also get to see some characters wearing masks and helmets that seem to be fighting back against the monsters. One character is seen creating some kind of sword out of blood, before attacking the creatures. It's not clear if this is the player character, but it seems likely.

The trailer also reveals that Akira Yamaoka, a composer famous for working on Silent Hill, will also be composing the music for Splitterhead. Beyond what was shown in the trailer, we didn't get to see any more of the game, but it seems to be fairly along in development considering how much was shown during the trailer.

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