Skyrim: Every Female NPC You Can Marry (And Where To Find Them)

Skyrim has been out for almost ten years now, but it’s still as popular as ever. Players love to roleplay in the cold, northern realm. Something that helps to make those cold nights a little more bearable is having a loving spouse by your side.

Marriages in Skyrim are quick and to the point due to the high mortality rate and harsh conditions. All you need to get married is an amulet of Mara and a conversation with Maramal, a follower of Mara found in Riften. Once you have the amulet, simply talk to your intended, maybe do them a small favour, and boom, wife.


  • Taarie – Taarie is the only Altmer available for marriage in Skyrim. She can be found in Solitude and will marry you once you’ve completed the quest Fit For a Jarl, obtained the Investor perk in the Speech Skill tree, and invested in her shop, Radiant Raiment.


  • Shahvee – If a warm body isn’t quite your thing, cold-blooded Shahvee is the perfect partner. She can be found in the Argonian Assemblage in Windhelm. She can be married after returning her lost Amulet of Zenithar. She can be killed during the quest Blood on the Ice, so marry her and whisk her away to safety before you do that.


  • Muiri – Nothing like her workplace’s namesake, Muiri can be found at the Hag’s Cure in Markarth. She can only be married after killing both targets in the quest Mourning Never Comes.
  • Senna – This sensual priestess of Dibella can be found in the Temple of Dibella in Markarth. She will marry you after you’ve completed the Heart of Dibella quest.


  • Avrusa Sarethi – This stern lady can be found at Sarethi farm in the Rift, and married upon the delivery of 20 Jazbay grapes.
  • Breylna Maryon – This mystic can be found in the magical College of Winterhold. She is eligible for marriage after you let her practice a few spells on you. Nice to have a partner who’s up for some experimenting
  • Dravynea the Stoneweaver – She is a mage who can be found in Kynesgrove, Eastmarch, and will marry you after you find her some frost salts
  • Jenassa – If you fancy a mercenary for a wife, Jenassa is the woman for you. She can be found in Whiterun’s Drunken Huntsman and will marry you once you hire her.


  • Camila Valerius – This fearless woman craves adventure, and maybe you could give her that. She’s kept at the Riverwood Trader in Riverwood by her overbearing father. Return their golden claw and you can marry her and sweep her off her feet and away from dad.
  • Gilfre – Gilfre can be found at Mixwater Mill in Eastmarch. She’ll only marry you after you prove you’re not a lazy slob by chopping some firewood for her.
  • Ria – Yet another Companion, Ria can be found in Jorrvasker in Whiterun. She can only be married after completing the Companions’ questline.
  • Viola Giordano – Found in Candlehearth Hall in Windhelm, she won’t marry you unless you start Revyn Sadri’s quest, but rat him out.


  • Aela The Huntress – This fierce Nord warrior can be found in Jorrvaskr, home to the Companions in Whiterun. To make her eligible for marriage, you first have to complete the Companions’ Guild questline.
  • Aeri – This hardworking Nord can be found at her mill, Anga’s Mill in the Pale. She can be married after you deliver some ale for her or sell her firewood.
  • Hilund – Don’t let her horned helmet fool you, she can still be wooed. You can find her in Bujold’s Retreat or Thirsk Mead Hall, and will marry you once you bring her 50 Riekling spears.
  • Iona – If you want to marry this loyal housecarl, found in Honeyside in RIften, you must first become Thane of the Rift. You can do this by helping the good citizens of Riften and stopping an illegal Skooma operation, narc.
  • Jordis The Sword Maiden – This proud housecarl can be found in Solitude’s Proudspire Manor. She is available to marry after you become Thane of Haafingar. To do this, simply befriend the Jarl and help five citizens, then purchase the Manor.
  • Lydia – This strong woman will accept your hand in marriage after you become Thane of Whiterun, where she can be found in your house, Breezehome. Become Than by advancing the main story and assisting five citizens of the city.
  • Mjoll The Lioness – You can find this brave explorer in Riften, and ask for her hand in marriage after finding her sword, Grimsever, in the Dwarven ruins of Mzinchaleft. You may draw the ire of her loyal companion Aerin, however.
  • Morwen – This fierce Nord can be found in the Skall village on Solstheim. She can be married after you free the Skaal and deliver her mother’s amulet to Runil in Falkreath.
  • Njada Stonearm – This brave Companion is hard to impress. Found in Jorrvaskar, home to the Companions in Whiterun, she can be married upon completion of their questline.
  • Orla – A priestess of Dibella and therefore a highly sought after candidate for marriage. Orla can be found in Markath’s Temple of Dibella and married after completion of The Heart of Dibella quest. Bear in mind, she won’t actually move to your home after marriage, choosing to remain at the temple. Truly, a devout woman.
  • Sylgja – This miner can be found in Shor’s Stone in the Rift. She can be married after you deliver her satchel to her father in Darkwater Crossing and then bring it back.
  • Temba Widearm – A lot less warring than her name would suggest, this mill owner can be found in Ivarstead in the Rift. She’ll only accept your hand in marriage after you give her ten bear pelts.
  • Uthgerd the Unbroken – Found in Whiterun, this brawling beauty becomes besotted once bested in a bare-knuckle bout in the Bannered Mare.
  • Ysolda – This enterprising Nord can be found in the Open Market in Whiterun. She will agree to marry you once you’ve given her a mammoth tusk.


  • Borgakh the Steel Heart – Far from having a heart of metal, Borgakh, found at Mor Khazgur in Haafingar, can have her heart melted by either paying her dowry or convincing her to leave home.
  • Ghorza gra-Bagol – A fiery blacksmith who can be found at her blacksmith shed in Markarth. You can convince Ghorza to marry you if you find a book called the Last Scabbard of Akrash for her.


  • Anwen – Also a priestess of Dibella, Anwen is located in the Temple of Dibella in Markarth and can be wed upon completion of the quest The Heart of Dibella.
  • Rayya – Rayya can be found in Falkreath’s Lakeview Manor and can be married once you become Thane of Falkreath. To do so, simply befriend the Jarl and help three citizens to have the honour bestowed upon you.

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