Skyrim Free On PS Plus As If We Don’t All Own Several Copies Already

PlayStation has revealed which games will be coming to its PS Plus Extra and Premium tiers this month. Leading the way is Skyrim as PlayStation appears to be under the assumption that some people haven't already been playing it for over a decade and own multiple copies as it has been re-released over and over again.

To be fair, Bethesda has sold 30 million copies of Skyrim and more than 45 million people are subscribed to PS Plus. Those are very rough numbers of course since, as highlighted above, a lot of people have bought Skyrim more than once, and the Plus number includes Essential subscribers. Regardless, the version being added to PS Plus is the Anniversary Edition which includes all of the DLC added so far and its creator club content, so maybe it will be worth your time.

Although Skyrim will keep you occupied for hundreds of hours if you have never played it before and you have that kind of time, there are other games coming to Extra and Premium this month (thanks, GamesRadar). Rainbow Six Seige, Oddworld: Soulstorm, and four Kingdom Hearts games will also be added. If you can figure out which ones are missing and the order they are supposed to be played, well, good for you.

The Classics Catalog that comes with the Premium tier of PS Plus is also getting some new titles this month. Five older Ratchet & Clank games to celebrate the series turning 20. The PS3 version of the original game, its sequel, and three other PS3 Ratchet & Clank titles. The perfect way to celebrate a PlayStation series that is still going strong two decades later.

That's quite the haul for anyone who is subscribed to Extra or Premium, even if you do already own half a dozen copies of Skyrim. Perhaps an effort to win back the 1.9 million people PS Plus has lost since the revamp. It's a shame PlayStation didn't have the wherewithal to call this free version of Skyrim the PS Plus Edition, allowing it the opportunity to pull back ahead of Resident Evil 4 as the most re-released game ever.

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