Skyrim Mod Replaces Standard Locks With Fantastic Looking Ones

Imagine you're skulking around in one of Skyrim's many Dwemer Ruins, among the now defunct mechanical wonders that the race created. You notice a finely crafted chest – no doubt filled with some great loot – and decide to pick what will undoubtedly be an intritricate locking mechanism.. But upon closer inspection, you find that it uses the same mechanism as that of a hut in Whiterun.

As you probably already know, if there's something you want to change in Skyrim, there's probably already a mod for it. The Security Overhaul SKSE – Lock Variations mod does exactly that (thanks, PC Gamer). It replaces the generic keyhole model you're used to picking in the game, with something more appropriate and fantastical looking.

Kreiste, wSkeever, and powerofthree have created unique lock models for the different kinds of chests you'll find across Skyrim. They include models for Dwemer, Falmer, Snow Elf, Apocrypha, and snowy chests and doors; with an add-on mod for models of Ayleid, Nordic, Soul Cairn, Cold Harbor, Underwater, and Tension Cable locks.

Each lock looks unique, and the design is in line with the race it's aligned to. It doesn't change the lock-picking mechanic, but these lock models do add a slight bit more to the immersion of the game. In fact, we liked this mod so much that it made it to our list of 10 Best Skyrim Mods That Came Out In 2021.

While Bethesda has primarily been on good terms with the community and has always welcomed mods, it recently removed 'Reconciliation: Skyrim Anniversary Edition Ultimate Patch', a fan-made bug fix, from the Skyrim mod page on console. It was removed despite having permission from all the mods it borrowed from, leading some to believe that Bethesda was showing favouritism.

"Snipey360 a member of the modding community on r/skyrimmodsxbox decided to try and make a heavily requested bug fix compilation to rival USSEP, not replace", explained unseriously_serious on the Skyrim Mods subreddit. "A mod takedown with no response from Bethesda on what looks to be bogus terms is legitimate cause for concern and has understandably inflamed the console community who have been trying to reduce their reliance on USSEP".

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