Sly Cooper Fan Recreates Engine In Unity

A Sly Cooper fan is recreating the game's movement systems in Unity.

Whenever Sly Cooper makes the news, the sad truth of it is that it's never anything to do with Sony, and is usually a dedicated fan remaking the game in some sort of engine or modding the originals to add new features. This time is no different, as a Sly Cooper fan and modder has decided to recreate the game's movement systems in Unity, including remaking the damage, climbing, and idle animations.

The project, named SlyTech, was shared by fr4nk014 on the Sly Cooper subreddit earlier in the month. They introduced the project by saying, "In December 2019 I thought that it would be an easy job to just remake Sly. Turns out it wasn't and I ultimately failed. However, now after two years I have decided to give it another go. The goal here is to remake the Sly movement as perfectly as I can."

Alongside the post, fr4nk014 shared a video showcasing SlyTech in action. The video shows Sly, who has been recreated in Unity with a model from Tidy_Flyer, running around a room and testing out various elements of the Sly Cooper engine. The video showcases how Sly has edge detection, full analogue movement, ledge grabbing, and reacts to all the same damage types as in the original game.

Sly is also shown as being able to break items with his cane and react to specific points of interest on the map. There aren't any downloads for SlyTech available yet, but fr4nk014 seems committed to finishing it. Even if they don't, they've promised that "if the project fails or my motivation to work on it ends, I will give the whole project away to the community so everyone can do whatever they want with it."

Although the project is apparently very early on in development, fr4nk014 revealed that it was made entirely in Unity and that, although the textures are from the original games and the Sly model is from someone else, all the movement systems have been recreated by them. The reception from the community has been as positive as you'd expect from players who just want some more Sly.

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