Smash Bros. Ultimate Mod Lets You Play As Rowlet

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate might not get any official support anymore, but that doesn't mean the game isn't getting any new characters. The game's modding scene is pretty healthy and has been introducing various new characters via model swaps and other means. However, one of BeyondSmash's latest mods has to be in contention for one of the most adorable, letting you play as Pokemon's very own lovable little owl Rowlet.

Showcasing their Rowlet mod on Twitter, BeyondSmash shows off Rowlet in action as well as some of the variants you can use, which depict Rowlet in different colors and wearing various types of clothing and accessories. Even though this Rowlet model is a replacement for Jigglypuff, Beyond Smash has gone the extra mile to incorporate unique animations and references to Rowlet's appearance in the Pokemon anime.

For instance, Rowlet will flap his wings when he floats and runs, and even transforms his face to match some of the more ridiculous ones he's known for in the anime. Another modder called Dom-O has also contributed by giving Rowlet custom voice lines just to make his inclusion feel slightly more authentic. His moveset is largely the same as Jigglypuff's, but constantly changing facial expressions and other small animations give the mod a more official feel than a lot of others. Rowlet's guard is even a reference to one of the more popular reaction memes on social media.

If you want to check the mod out for yourself, you can download it by visiting BeyondSmash's page on GameBanana. Just be aware that the mod isn't 100 percent perfect, as the Smash announcer will still mention Jigglypuff on the victory screen, although a comment from a fan in the replies to the mod showcase on Twitter hints that it could be updated in the future. It's perfect right now though if you're after a bit more Pokemon representation in Smash, and Jigglypuff just isn't cutting it for you.

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