Someone Has Already Modded Ichiban’s New Look Into Yakuza: LIke A Dragon

Someone has already modded Ichiban Kasuga's new look into Yakuza: Like A Dragon.

We've known that Yakuza 8 is in the works for some time now, basically getting confirmed around the same time that Like A Dragon launched outside of Japan. Yesterday, we finally got our first look at the next game in the series, showing Kasuga, Adachi, and Nanba all standing in a warehouse of some kind.

Although the brief glimpse at Yakuza 8 didn't reveal too much, one interesting detail that was spotted by fans was Ichi's new haircut. In Like A Dragon, Ichi famously sported a permy afro after accidentally getting the wrong hairstyle when he got out of jail. In the new footage for Yakuza 8, he's changed his style to have his hair tied back in a bun, which can briefly be seen in several shots.

Despite the first look at Yakuza 8 only happening yesterday, Twitter user MidnightKiryus has already made a mod that changes Ichi's look to match what he's going to look like in the next game, including both his white vest and tied-back hair. They showcased the mod with a video on their Twitter showing the party sitting down to eat a meal, where Ichi's new look can be seen in full.

Although MidnightKiryus posted a video showcasing the mod in action, they haven't released it in full just yet, as there are no links to be found on their Twitter account. They've previously released mods for Yakuza: Like A Dragon, including one that has the party dressing up in bunny outfits and another that has them wearing trash bags, so it's possible that they'll release it for everyone to use in the near future.

Even if the mod isn't released for everyone to use, it's still some incredibly impressive work to have already changed Ichi's look in just 24 hours, especially considering we've never seen his hair in this style before and only have the afro and shaved look to go off of.

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