Sonic Frontiers: Kronos Island Guardians Guide

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The Guardians of Kronos Island are the earliest bosses you'll encounter in Sonic Frontiers. Even the weakest of them can catch you unprepared, so learning as many skills as possible and putting them to good use will be important for defeating them and claiming their Portal Gears.

We've cataloged the locations of each Guardian on the game's first island, along with strategies for defeating them. If all else fails, you can always explore the island to gather more seeds and lost Koco to increase your stats.


  • Guarding the first gate in the Tutorial Area
  • In the forest near the Yellow Emerald Vault

Ninja makes heavy use of melee combos; getting too close to this Guardian is an easy way to lose your rings! Stay away until the boss pauses attacking, then use Homing Attack to deal damage while Ninja recovers. You should get about three hits in before Ninja crosses their arms, indicating that they're about to attack. You may not be able to get far enough away to avoid being hit, so hold Dodge as you disengage.

When Ninja’s health is critical, they will teleport to the other side of the battlefield. You may need to dodge attacks as you close the distance, but once you're at this point it will only take one or two more hits to finish the fight.

You can stun Ninja with Cyloop, allowing for easy combos.


  • Next to the Stage 1-2 Portal.
    • Appears after installing the first Portal Gear.
  • In the middle of the giant satellite dish west of the Yellow Emerald Vault.
    • Must be defeated in order to reach the White Emerald Vault.

Tower may look stationary, but is capable of uprooting and floating to attack. Dodge or outrun Tower’s bullets as you approach. When you reach the boss use multiple Homing Attacks to destroy each section of Tower’s base. When Tower is short enough that you can reach their head with a jump, use Homing Attack and combos to finish quickly defeat them.

When the boss floats up into the air, keep moving so that the incoming charge attack doesn't hit you. Watch for a line between Tower and Sonic to indicate that an attack is coming!


  • Northwest of the Blue Emerald Vault.
  • West of Stage 1-5.

Asuras are enormous, so you'll see them on the horizon long before you trigger a battle. Unfortunately, both of the island's Asuras hang out near critical locations, so you'll need to deal with them sooner rather than later.

Before you start attacking the boss's main body, use Cyloop on each leg to make it lift off the ground; you can then use Homing Attack on the underside of Asura’s foot to get a Portal Gear!

Asura's weak points are the three nodes on the top of their head. To reach them, you'll need to goad the boss into attacking. Wait for Asura to raise an arm, then be prepared to get out of the way as the massive limb comes crashing down. You can then jump onto the arm and run up it to reach the top of the Guardian.

Look for large blue rings on your way up; you can use these to get a speed boost. Conversely, red rings will bounce you back toward the ground.

When you destroy a node, the resulting explosion will knock Sonic off of Asura. If you're quick, you can perform an aerial recovery and Boost to Asura's midsection, saving yourself a climb. Each node that's destroyed makes the fight more complicated as more of Asura's defenses activate – watch out!

Remaining NodesDefenses
  • Arm Slam only.
  • Red rings appear near Asura's fingers after Arm Slam.
  • Force fields appear around remaining nodes.
  • Red rings appear along Asura's entire remaining arm.
    • Stay in the center to avoid them as you climb.

The force fields that appear after the first node is destroyed slowly expand and contract around the remaining targets, and deal damage if Sonic touches them. If you’re hit by one, boost in midair to recover before landing and avoid losing rings. This only works once though, so retreat and come back before trying it again!

Once you’ve learned Sonic Boom, you can use it to quickly destroy nodes without any risk of hitting the force fields.


  • Near the Eggman Landing Site.
  • North of the White Emerald Vault and Purple Portal.

Squids are mobile Guardians, never in one place. However, their distinct purple trail is easily visible as they patrol the skies around their territory. When you see one, follow the Guardian until they dive close to the ground; from there, you can double-jump onto the purple trail and begin the fight!

The Squid near the Eggman Landing Site can be caught as they pass over the red-and-gray bridge. The one near the White Emerald Vault is easiest to engage from the hillside just north of the Purple Portal, near the western edge of the island.

Try to have full rings before engaging Squid; the speed boost will help you catch up to the boss during the racing segments. Use Cyloop while you’re waiting for Squid to come around.

Once you land on Squid’s trail, boost as much as you can to catch up to the main body. These Guardians move just slightly slower than Sonic, so it can take a while to catch up. Once you’re close enough, use Homing Attack to hit Squid and force it to fight.

A circular platform will appear, creating an aerial arena for the battle. Squid attacks with tentacles frequently, which can cause you to lose most or all of your rings. Try to learn Wild Rush before the fight, and use it to counter these frequent attacks.

If Squid puts up a shield, break it with Cyloop. Whether the boss goes onto attack or defense, you only have a few seconds before returning to the chase sequence.

While you’re chasing Squid, they will shoot fireballs at you. First, the projectiles will be in ordered lines that are easy to dodge by changing lanes, but later they will be fired rapidly and at random. Slow down for these segments and use a combination of Dodge and Parry to survive.

If you find yourself without any rings, jump off the platform and recover. Any damage you’ve dealt to Squid will remain as long as you stay in the same play session, but if you're defeated you may have to start the fight over from the beginning.

Titan Giganto (First Battle)

After Sonic frees Amy from the Cyber Cage, Sage commands the island's Titan, Giganto, to attack. This is a short fight, and indicates things to come.

Once the cutscene ends, repeatedly use Homing Attack to dash toward the boulders in midair until you reach Giganto’s head. Once there, repeatedly used combo attacks until the fight ends.

Titan Giganto (Second Battle)

Once you've completed all of Amy's quests, ending with A Grave Mystery, a spring will appear behind the giant waterfall on the island's northern cliffs. Use it to reach the top, where Giganto waits for a second round.

The first phase of this battle is similar to fighting Asura; all you need to do is run up Giganto's body to reach their head. The Titan is much taller and more slender than Asura, so be careful not to fall off. Luckily there won't be much the Titan tries to do to stop you at this point. When you reach Giganto's head, take the Black Chaos Emerald from the Vault and transform into Super Sonic.

Fighting Giganto As Super Sonic

Super Sonic doesn't take damage, but slowly loses rings over the course of the fight. Defeating Giganto requires hitting the boss as hard and fast as you can without being knocked away too many times. The best way to rack up damage is to repeatedly use Wild Rush by dodging and immediately following up with an attack. This keeps Giganto from getting a lock on you, and Wild Rush can deal over three thousand damage at once.

When Giganto raises their arms to attack, parry by holding both dodge buttons simultaneously. A successful parry causes Giganto to stagger, letting you follow up for more damage without being knocked away!

When Giganto's health is down to about half, the Titan's laser defenses will come online. This will occasionally result in a button-mashing challenge where you need to repeatedly press the attack button to deflect an energy beam. Other than that, keep the same strategy going, and the Titan will quickly fall.

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