Sonic Frontiers: Ouranos Island Guardian Guide

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  • Caterpillar
  • Kunoichi
  • Master Ninja
  • Red Pillar
  • Silver Hammer
  • Ghost
  • Titan Supreme
  • The End

Ouranos Island is the fifth, final, and most dangerous island in Sonic Frontiers. Guardians are seemingly everywhere, usually near important sites like Stage Portals and Chaos Emerald Vaults. Some may look familiar, and others entirely new, but they all have the power to take you out if you aren't careful!

All the bosses on Ouranos Island are best approached with as many rings as possible to ensure that you can take a hit. You'll still need to dodge, parry, and combo your way to success. We've outlined the locations of each Guardian below, along with strategies for finishing them off without too much trouble.

This guide contains minor spoilers regarding the final battle in Sonic Frontiers.


  • Northwest of the Blue Emerald Vault.
  • Between the White and Red Emerald Vaults.
  • In the mud pit directly underneath the Stage 4-6 Portal.

When you approach Caterpillar, the Guardian will create grind rails around themselves like Strider from Ares Island. Your goal is to hit the blue orbs while avoiding the red ones.

Unlike normal grind rails, jumping will cause Sonic to lose all momentum. This means you’ll need to boost in order to clear red orbs as you pass over them!

During the second orb set, one orb will look like it’s over the outer ring when it’s really over the inner ring.

When there’s only one blue orb left to collect, you’ll need to use Homing Attack on the yellow orbs that appear in order to reach it. Once that’s done, you’ll return to the ground for the second phase of the fight.

Caterpillar will start scuttling around the area, firing projectiles at you. Replenish your rings if you need to, then use Boost to catch Caterpillar in a Cyloop. This will stun the Guardian, allowing you to finish them off with a combo.


  • Southwest of the Blue Emerald Vault.
  • In the flower field southeast of the Red Emerald Vault.
  • Northwest of the Stage 4-3 Portal.

Kunoichi is stronger and faster than Ninja and Shinobi. Dodge often to avoid their melee combos and attack whenever you have an opening. Like Shinobi, Kunoichi will block your attacks; dodge immediately afterward to get behind the Guardian and continue dealing damage.

When Kunoichi vanishes, set up a parry immediately. The Guardian will appear above you and attack immediately, so you need to be ready, or you’ll get hit. Kunoichi makes three of these attacks in a row, so parry each one – at the end of the onslaught, they’ll be briefly stunned.

An easy way to get quick damage onto Kunoichi at the beginning of the fight is to use Cyloop immediately. This will knock the Guardian into the air, letting you get a combo for at least half their health uninterrupted.

Master Ninja

  • On the southern shore of the northern island, east of the bridge.

Master Ninja combines the tactics of all the previous Guardians of the same type. This battle is mostly the same as Kunoichi, but with one key difference.

When Master Ninja disappears, they will return with four identical copies that attack in succession. Parry their attacks to make the illusions disappear, then focus on attacking the true Guardian. Be careful if you find the real Master Ninja before destroying all the clones, since the copies will continue to attack until they’re defeated.

Red Pillar

  • Northeast of the Blue Emerald Vault.
  • In the center of the northern island, east of the Green Emerald Vault.
  • South of the Yellow Emerald Vault.

Red Pillar is the same as Tower and Excavator from previous islands, but is more mobile and aggressive. If the Guardian is about to attack, stop your combo and get out the way – spike rings are about to pop up, and you don’t want to get hit!

Red Pillar’s missiles are relentless, and their laser defenses make it hard to use Wild Rush effectively. Quick Cyloop is a better option for quickly eliminating body segments before targeting the Guardian’s head.

Silver Hammer

  • Northwest of the Stage 4-3 Portal.
  • By the shore west of the Stage 4-6 Portal.

Silver Hammer also fights like a Tower, but is more defensive in nature than Red Pillar. Once enough of their body sections have been destroyed that you can reach the Guardian’s head, the remaining sections will become covered in spikes.

At that point, Silver Hammer will hover out of range and fire lasers. Avoid the shots until the Guardian lands, then go for the head.


  • North of the Stage 4-2 Portal.
  • Southwest of the Stage 4-5 Portal.
  • Northwest of the Teal Emerald Vault.

Unlike other Guardians, Ghost won’t engage until you decide to pick a fight. This boss hides inside an ominous-looking statue and only comes out if you interact with it.

After floating around for a bit, Ghost will interface with the statue. As long as the two are connected, Sonic will slowly lose rings. Use Cyloop to destroy the statue, which severs the connection and damages Ghost in the process.

Ghost will flee to another statue. Chase the Guardian while avoiding their shots to destroy each successive statue before you run out of rings. While you're making your way to each statue, watch for purple lines reaching toward Sonic. This indicates that Ghost is about to grab you – if that happens, repeatedly hit the jump button to escape.

Titan Supreme

Once Sonic has gathered all the Chaos Emerald, he can battle Titan Supreme. You can get some damage on the boss by attacking their head, but they’ll quickly swat you away. Even if you block, the laser pods surrounding Supreme will blast you to the edge of the arena before you can counterattack.

The final battle automatically triggers when you collect the sixth Chaos Emerald in the White Emerald Vault. As soon as you do, Eggman arrives with the final Emerald in a cutscene.

Before attacking Supreme directly, focus on destroying the laser pods. Whenever you take one out, Supreme will attack with a laser barrage; parry it to stun the Titan and move in for a combo.

When Supreme is down to about half health, the laser counters will begin to fire in staggered bursts rather than all at once. Keep the same pattern as before, but know that you’ll need to parry multiple times to avoid being hit.

As usual with Titan battles, there will be a sequence of quick-time events to finish Supreme off once their health is almost fully depleted.

The End

Once Titan Supreme is defeated, the entity that destroyed the Ancients will escape into space. The final battle against The End takes the form of a shoot-em-up like the hacking minigames.

You can absorb shots that hit you as long as you’re firing bullets of the matching color. You’ll need this to survive the battle against The End!

When The End reaches half health, they’ll fire a beam with very little warning. As soon as you hear the loud charging sound and see the red glow on The End, move immediately to the left or right. You can still shoot at The End if you fly along the edge of the blast.

The End fires another blast when their health is critical. After that, you just need to survive until a quick-time event. When Sage Supreme launches Super Sonic toward The End, press the attack button when the indicator is in the blue section of the meter. Do this three times to finish the game!

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