Sonic Frontiers Review Round-Up

The first reviews for Sonic Frontiers have arrived shortly before the title's launch date of November 8, with the majority of critics satisfied with the title. Some questionable decisions and technical issues are all there, yet it seems Frontiers turned out to be much better than fans assumed it to be after the initial reveal.

Our full TheGamer review can be found here, where news editor (and Sonic fan) Rhiannon Bevan rated Sonic Frontiers four stars out of five, calling it the best Sonic game in years – and basically "the Sonic Adventure 3 game we all wanted." In her words, Frontiers "feels like a modern-day Dreamcast game," blending nostalgia and innovation into one seamless experience. However, the game lacks polish, and some Cyber Space levels are just "tiresomely unimaginative and disappointingly derivative" of previous entries.

Here is your peek at some other scores Sonic Frontiers has been getting from gaming outlets:

  • Game Rant — 4/5
  • Push Square — 4/5
  • VGC — 4/5
  • Game Informer — 4/5
  • IGN — 3.5/5
  • GameSpot — 3.5/5
  • GamesRadar+ — 2/5

At the time of writing, Sonic Frontiers stands at 74 out of 100 at OpenCritic, and 73 out of 100 at Metacritic (the PS5 version). The final score may be adjusted during the next few days, but for now, Sega's latest attempt is simply in another league compared to Sonic Forces or Sonic Lost World, which is already a relief.

When looking at Sonic Frontiers strengths and weaknesses in more detail, critics praised Team Sonic's push for innovation and personality while staying true to its name even when branching out into areas unfamiliar to the series. The game's massive open world and impressive scope are pointing to what lies ahead for the franchise. But most importantly, it has an astonishing amount of content, a perfect sense of speed, and is simply fun to play, even despite being quite repetitive at its core.

What could probably be better in Frontiers are its story, graphics, collectibles, and the technical state. Fortunately, it's far from being broken like Sonic the Hedgehog '06, yet there are plenty of issues mentioned for various versions of the game. Also, some players might find the upcoming title far too difficult, especially in side boss fights. You've been warned.

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