Spellbreak: Beginner Tips To Dominate

Fresh out of the closed beta, Spellbreak has finally been released to the public. This unique fantasy take on the battle royale genre has drawn in a ton of eager players wanting to try it out, but this game has a lot to wrap your head around to truly dominate the competition. Here are some beginner tips that will give you a major edge.

The newest spin on the battle royale craze has arrived in the form of Spellbreak, a chaotic fantasy themed take where battles are fought with magic rather than guns. The game does keep a lot of familiar elements you know and expect from the battle royales you’ve played before, but so much is different that you might have a little trouble getting a grip on the game at first. To keep from getting frustrated, and give you an early leg up on the competition, be sure to check out these beginner tips.

Beginner Tips To Dominate In Spellbreak

There are a few basic tips you will want to know first – as this game works a bit different from other battle royales – before getting into the more technical and specific advice. Unless you were lucky enough to participate in the closed beta, you’ll want to pay attention to both before diving in.

Beginner Tips

  1. Right off the drop, literally, is dropping. Unlike almost all other battle royales, you cannot make your character fall any faster by holding forward. Instead, get your character over the location you want to land at as fast as you can and focus on scouting out the area and other players landing close by.
  2. Spellbreak is all about – you guessed it – spells, but each elemental spell can be combined. Mixing elements will do way more damage and deal status effects, but elements can also counter one another too. Boulders can obviously block projectiles, but wind can blow away fire and poison clouds, while fire can melt ice, and so on.
  3. Health Potions and Armor Shards stack, so use multiple when you need them. Both of these items restore your health and armor over time, so using two or more will speed up the process. Also, prioritize holding more Armor Shards since there are alternative ways to recover health.

Advanced Tips And Techniques

  1. Every projectile attack in Spellbreak has a hitbox, and can collide with each other. So, if you’re on the defensive it is still in your best interest to face your enemy and keep attacking while retreating to try and intercept their attacks with your own.
  2. Use the environment to your advantage. You’re extremely mobile in Spellbreak, so if you need to find a safe place to heal or catch your breath, get up into a tree to use the elevation and leaves to hide for a moment. Not many players are used to checking above them yet, so it can also be a nice place to set up an ambush.
  3. This one may end up getting patched out, but is a great technique to know while it lasts. If you jump just before starting an interaction such as picking up a scroll or reviving a teammate that takes a few seconds, your character will continue to move in that direction without cancelling the action as long as you continue holding the button. That means you can start reviving someone while leaping behind cover or out of view and continue picking them up even though you’re far out of range.

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