Spider-Man: Miles Morales Launch Trailer Gives Us A Better Look At Prowler

The launch trailer for Spider-Man: Miles Morales has been released, and it gives greater insight into the the young Spidey’s first adventure. Aside from its narrative leaning on Morales’ comparison to Peter Parker, the trailer also shares the spotlight with Prowler. As we take a brief look at Prowler’s history in the Marvel Universe, some potential spoilers of the game may be uncovered.

Accompanied by rapper Lecrae’s This Is My Time, the launch trailer kicked off by showcasing Morales’ doubt at “flying solo” as Spider-Man. Peter Parker – donning his new face by Ben Jordan – then encouraged Morales to take the Spidey oath. The two-minute trailer featured a montage of the game’s characters including Prowler; Morales’ uncle Aaron. Getting to hear him speak for the first time, Prowler warned the protégé not to trust anybody, as the trailer flooded with the Underground grunts accompanied by the game’s antagonist the Tinkerer. We also got a glorious, slow-motion look at Prowler in combat, flaunting his glowing, green claws.

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Inspired by the Ultimate Spider-Man comics, Prowler’s video game variant exposes the vigilante’s secret identity as Morales’ uncle Aaron Davis. Known as the “cat burglar” – who donned a more flamboyant costume in the comics – Davis became corrupted, who ended up blackmailing Morales into assisting in a crime. Davis consequently met his demise once Prowler and Spider-Man engaged in battle. Prowler also met a fatal end in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, where he was killed for refusing to terminate his nephew. As Prowler’s video game depiction borrows from both the comic book and animation material, his history could indicate a similar path ahead.

It was recently confirmed that Prowler would be an antagonist within the game, contradicting how he was presented in the launch trailer. It is uncertain whether Prowler will be the game’s main villain, however, as we still have the Tinkerer to consider. Like the game’s predecessor, it is likely that each villain will have their share of screen time.

Our review of Spider-Man: Miles Morales insisted that Sony’s successor was a “wonderful launch title that everyone should play.” We provided an in-depth look at the game’s strengths and unique qualities, and we also have a sneak peek at the game’s trophy list (spoiler free) that should tie you over until it’s your turn to don the mask.

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