Spider-Man: Remastered Will Be Updated With A PS4 Save Import Option Around Thanksgiving

In a post on its official Twitter account this afternoon, Insomniac Games announced that it would be releasing an update for the PS4 version of Spider-Man that will allow you to export your save to Spider-Man: Remastered. Expected to land around Thanksgiving, this clears up one of the biggest issues that fans had before launch.

This patch will also be adding the three new suits from Remastered into the PS4 version, meaning you won’t have to rebuy the game you own just to get some new costumes. It’s a nice gesture on Insomniac’s part, though it ultimately won’t mean much since you still can’t buy Remastered as a standalone title on the PS5.

Sony hasn’t been making things easy when it comes to the messaging around the launch of the PlayStation 5. While reviewers are very taken with the generational leap in console architecture, the weeks leading up to release haven’t been exactly clear about what features the device would have or how older games would be handled on it. Case in point, the fantastic 2018 game Spider-Man.

While it was nice to see that Insomniac was going to great lengths to update the game for Sony’s new platform with Spider-Man: Remastered, it was disappointing to learn that it would be locked behind the purchase of Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Also concerning was how save data from the PS4 version wouldn’t transfer over, which really didn’t make any sense. You still won’t be able to purchase the game separately, but at least you won’t need to start over from scratch.

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