SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake – Spot’s Hiding Spot Location Guide

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  • Medieval Sulfur Fields Hiding Spot
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If you've seen many SpongeBob SquarePants episodes, you will be aware of Spot. He is an Amoeba, which is a microscopic organism, but he acts like a dog. As such, he serves as Plankton and Karen's loyal pet. The odd little creature also appears in SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake. However, you have to find him in this game.

After completing the Wild West Jellyfish Fields world and putting the Chum Bucket back together, you'll be able to talk to Plankton – he has a red flag over his head. He requests that you locate their little pet. To do so, you have to find all his hiding spots. There is one in each world, and these are their locations.

Something that will help you in the search is knowing that checkpoints are shown on the world map screen as clams.

The one farthest to the left is the first checkpoint, while the one on the far right is the last.

Wild West Jellyfish Fields Hiding Spot

During your first visit to Wild West Jellyfish Fields, you won't be able to find Spot, as you can't unlock the side mission until after that world. The benefit of this is that you already have all the checkpoints unlocked when you next visit. So, head to the fifth one (Cacteen Hills).

From there, progress forward to the cactus sign next to the bridge.

Instead of crossing the bridge, turn left to see a trampoline.

Jump on the thing to reach a higher area where Spot will be waiting.

Karate Downtown Bikini Bottom Hiding Spot

You can locate the hiding spot in Karate Downtown Bikini Bottom right after reaching the second checkpoint of the world.

To start, jump up to the top of the orange trailer to the left of the checkpoint sign – use anything around it to get atop.

From there, platform over to the blue truck with handsome Squidward on the side.

Then hit the floaty with a bubble to expand it and jump across to the roof where Spot's hiding place is located.

Pirate Goo Lagoon Hiding Spot

This hiding spot is deep into the Pirate Goo Lagoon world. The closest checkpoint is the sixth one (Shipwreck Treasure). You know you're in the right area when you reach a large, rocky boat with boxes tied to it.

It's to the side of the ship on a little platform hovering over the ocean. To get to it, go to the front of the boat to tip it downward. This allows you to reach the bubble surfboard that's beneath a cage.

Use the board to reach Spot.

Halloween Rock Bottom Hiding Spot

The hiding spot in Halloween Rock Bottom is not too far into the level. After all, it's right behind the second checkpoint (Kandyville). Coming from the checkpoint, you just have to turn around to see the trampoline you need to jump on to reach Spot.

If you're coming from the start of the level, it's in the area with the three floating escalators.

Once you get past them and a few creatures, jump on the trampoline to get up to the hiding spot.

Prehistoric Kelp Forest Hiding Spot

Towards the end of your adventure in the Prehistoric Kelp Forest, you come to a cave painting puzzle at the world's second-to-last checkpoint.

The hiding spot is very close to here. In fact, while looking at the puzzle, all you have to do is turn around to find Spot behind you.

Medieval Sulfur Fields Hiding Spot

To find the hiding spot in the Medieval Sulfar Fields world, you must reach the sixth checkpoint (Meanderson River). If you're playing the level for the first time, then you need to follow the natural path through this area, collecting the pro-aging cream.

Eventually, you will cross the river using the logs and get up on a high cliff. Alternatively, if you've already spawned the karate kick balloons, you can use them to get up to the cliff.

Up there is a button, but you must turn to the side to see the path to Spot.

Use the floaty, surfboard, and another floaty to reach the platform with Spot on it.

Jelly Glove World

The hiding spot in Jelly Glove World is near the fifth checkpoint (Central Plaza). This area contains several buildings. You must head to the large Glove World Theater.

Spot is right in front of the door.

Return To Plankton

After you've been to every hiding spot, return to Plankton at the Chum Bucket in Bikini Bottom. Speak with him to get a gold coin, and finish the mission.

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