Stalker 2 Will Be Xbox Exclusive For Three Months

Confidential Microsoft documents reveal that Stalker 2 is planned as an Xbox console exclusive for a baffling three months.

It’s been a big day for revelations based on confidential documents, thanks to the big Apple vs. Epic Games court case. As part of the proceedings, many big names in the industry have had to hand over crucial internal communications to public record. This has given the gaming industry a lot of new info. For instance, Sony is confirmed to charge developers for the privilege of having PS4 crossplay. And it turns out that Nintendo really doesn’t like the Yakuza.

When it comes to Microsoft, The Verge found an interesting tidbit. The big news is that the company has been planning to reduce its cut of Xbox store profits. Nestled within that is a bit on Xbox exclusivity. That’s where it’s revealed that Stalker 2 is planned for three months as an Xbox console exclusive. Tetris Effect gets six months, and The Gunk will be exclusive in perpetuity.

Three months is an interesting length of time, and not something we see often. A year is a popular choice, as is the six months seen with Tetris Effect. Three feels like a short enough length of time that PlayStation owners can take the wait. Perhaps that’s all Microsoft could get. Either way, the documents make for an interesting look into many companies’ inner workings. Hopefully we get more nuggets like these as the Apple vs. Epic battle rages on.

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