Stardew Valley: Is Abigail Really Pierre’s Daughter?

Stardew Valley characters have complicated relationships with each other that you'll get to explore as you earn friendship points with them. One of the most interesting ones, though, you'll need to piece together on your own.

As the game goes on, you may feel as though not everything is perfect in Abigail's family. Things just aren't adding up. Here, we're explaining everything you need to know about what's hiding underneath the surface.

The Wizard Has A Daughter?

Whatever you suspect based on conversations with other characters, the crux of the theory is a line of dialogue you can receive when talking to the Wizard. You must have ten hearts of friendship with him before he will say it, though.

  • Wizard: “You musn't tell anyone… but I have reason to believe that one of the locals is actually my daughter… I could be mistaken… It's rare, but it does happen.”

He admits that he thinks one of the locals is his daughter, and that you musn't say anything about it to anyone. Obviously, speculation about who it could be began immediately.

Is The Wizard's Daughter Abigail?

Evidence From Caroline And Pierre

The root of the theory centers around a few particular lines of dialogue that Caroline and Pierre say once you reach at least 8 hearts of friendship with them:

  • Caroline: “When we first moved to Pelican Town I would take secret walks to the Wizard's Tower. Don't tell Pierre, he has jealousy issues. Abigail was born about a year after we moved to Pelican Town. I wonder if she'll ever experience life outside the valley?”
  • Pierre: “Does Abigail look anything like me? Don't tell my wife, but sometimes I wonder if I'm really the father.”

Some other dialogue hints at trouble in paradise for Pierre and Caroline.

  • Caroline: “When we first moved here, I took a while to settle down… I wasn't ready for the domestic life. Pierre's a bit traditional… but he's a good man. He's ambitious, but he always puts his family first.”
  • Caroline: “I wish Pierre would spend this time with the family…”
  • Pierre: “*sigh*… No matter how well the business does, it's never enough to satisfy my desire for success. What's wrong with me? Maybe I'm just bored with domestic life. Some day I'm going to open a new shop in the city and make a killing. Unfortunately, business is so slow I can hardly save any money…”
  • Pierre: “Don't tell my wife, but I hate to cook dinner.”

One line of Caroline's just cements Abigail's oddness.

  • Caroline: “Abby's always had a strange interest in the occult. I'm not sure where she gets it from…"

Pierre and Abigail also don't get along very well, as seen in their heart events.

Evidence From Abigail

One major clue is Abigail's hair color. It's the exact same shade of purple as the Wizard's! While dialogue lines from Abigail and Caroline indicate that Abigail once dyed her hair, and that Caroline thinks Abigail is still dying it, one particular line from Abigail reveals that she hasn't redyed it in a long time, and yet the abnormal color never fades.

  • Caroline: “Don't you think Abby would look better with her natural hair color? She used to have light chestnut-colored hair.”
  • Abigail: “I can't even remember the last time I dyed my hair… I swear, it never fades from this color…”

Another clue is that one of her regular activities is to wander into the outskirts of Stardew Valley – she's often found by the train tracks, at the local graveyard, in the mountains, and – the most telling of all – right outside the Wizard's Tower in Cindersap Forest.

However, Abigail is also just odd in general, with an interest in exploring the local caves and often having unusual dreams. One of her heart events even involves a ouija board.

  • Abigail: “I went to the beach last night, after dark… Sometimes you can see strange lights bobbing over the sea. Or maybe that was just a dream I had… It doesn't feel real anymore.”
  • Abigail: “Last night, I dreamt that my left hand had turned into a gigantic [random object]… Does that mean anything?”
  • Abigail: “You came all this way to visit me? That's nice. So have you been exploring the mountain caves at all? Interesting. I'd like to go there myself one of these days.”
  • Abigail: “Do you ever get an urge to go exploring, [Player]?”
  • Abigail: “I would love to live in an old farmhouse like you. The creak of a floorboard, the slow plumes of dust whispering through the rafters… There's something special about an old building, isn't there?”
  • Abigail: “Make sure to keep things tidy around your Grandpa's shrine. There's something special about it, I can feel it.”
  • Abigail: “I had a good day, today. There's always something interesting going on around here, if you look close enough.”

So while nothing is concrete, there is clearly a connection between Abigail and the Wizard, and a distance between her and Pierre.

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