Starfield To Be Shown At E3, Will Launch In 2022

Starfield is rumored to appear at this year’s digital E3 event and will reportedly launch next year rather than later in 2021.

This news comes from industry insider Jeff Grubb on the latest stream of his gaming news show, The Game Mess Show Live. After talking about the recent news that Starfield would be exclusive to Xbox and PC, Grubb caps off the section by claiming that Starfield will be not be launching in 2021 and will launch next year instead. He then goes on to claim that Starfield will be shown at E3 and that he’s “pretty confident about that.”

However, when asked later in the show whether Grubb knows what kind of presence Starfield will have at E3, he claims that he doesn’t “know what Starfield is going to look like” but “expects gameplay.” Of course, these are just rumors, although Jeff Grubb is usually a very reliable source on video game leaks. It would be strange if Starfield wasn’t at E3, especially since this is Microsoft’s first big event since its acquisition of Bethesda.

There’s also some recent news which backs up Grubb’s claim that Starfield will release next year, as another insider has revealed that Microsoft has already bought ad space for Starfield which is scheduled for later this year. The fact that Microsoft is buying up space to advertise Starfield, it’s safe to assume that Starfield will be getting a more in-depth reveal either at E3 or later this year.

There’s also been a significant amount of Starfield-related news over the past week, with one rumor going around teasing the possibility that Tom Cruise may be joining the cast of the game. The Bethesda Twitter account recently mentioned the actor and asked him whether he wanted to get “a head-start on our new thing,” revealing that the two are working on a project together.

We don’t know much else about Starfield, but as mentioned earlier, the game will be launching exclusively for Xbox and PC as Microsoft attempts to make Xbox Game Pass a more enticing service. E3 is just around the corner though, so we should hear more news soon if Grubb is on the money.

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