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If there is one thing that is universal across games like Steelrising, it is that intense hesitation and fear many of us experience when being asked to pick a starting class. You never know if you are making a horrible mistake and dooming your playthrough as a direct result. It can be a pretty helpless feeling, especially since everything sounds good, but you don't know good it is in actuality.

Worst of all, these classes all tether you to a starting weapon. So you are going to have to make a choice on which one you want to use without ever having had a chance to actually try it out and see if it makes sense for your playstyle. We imagine some people may start Steelrising by choosing the Soldier class, swing the halberd around a few times, gasp, stare off into the distance, and then remark to themselves "I've made a huge mistake." But worry not, we're going to make sure you feel happy with your decision.

I Already Chose A Class, I'm Not Happy, Should I Restart?

Okay, let's start off by getting this out of the way. All the beginner weapons will be available for purchase early on, and you will find alternate weapons pretty early in the game. So, even if you don't love your starting weapon, you won't be stuck with it for too long. Also—and hear us out on this one—none of the starting weapons are out-and-out bad. So, even if you aren't gelling with a weapon at first, maybe check out our class summary down below and see if we can't convince you to stick it out a little longer.

As for the beginning stats, all the stats that you start with are useful, so no matter what class you begin the game with, you will be given good attributes. Looking over the starting stats, none of them stand out as being ineffectual. As for the items, none of them are particularly rare. Most of them are standard grenades, and one of them is an elemental resistance vial. None of these items are hard to come by. So relax, your decision here is going to affect the first few hours of the game, but none of it is that dire.

The Bodyguard Class

Starting Stats

You are starting with Durability and Engineering. Both of these diminish the effectiveness of your opponent's attacks. However, this does mean that when you get to your first Vestal you may want to throw some points into the Power stat.

Starting Equipment

If you are looking for resiliency, this is the class for you. The Shield secondary ability is extremely durable and will absorb nearly every one-hit attack in the game (at the cost of your stamina). Something you should know about the Shield is that it comes out VERY fast. It feels more like the Sekiro parry than it does a Dark Souls shield. The hammer itself does decent damage, but its range is pretty stumpy. The biggest benefit of the hammer is how easily it staggers.

The hammer's standard combo is, generally, pretty bad. This is a weapon that is going to focus almost exclusively on using the charged heavy attack. The light attack is slow, commits you to the attack for too long, and doesn't deal enough damage to warrant that level of commitment. If you are looking to land a quick attack, use the uncharged heavy attack instead.

Your starting item is the Petrification Grenade. It is a good way to clear out mobs, and you start with three of them. You can save these for the boss, or maybe hold onto them for when you start running into groups of enemies after you beat the Unstable Lancer.

The Soldier Class

Starting Stats

Soldiers start with Power and Vigour. Predictably, these skills help you hit harder. Honestly, you can get through a large swathe of the game leveling up these stats while putting a few in Durability to help keep you from being too squishy. However, due to the range of the halberd, you are often able to stay out of that more dangerous range.

Starting Equipment

Here is your hard-hitting big boy class. The halberd has some similarities to the hammer, so, much like the Bodyguard, you do NOT want to use the light attacks. They are genuinely miserable. However, that charge attack is, bar none, the best in the game. It allows you to attack from a decent distance away. And it will stagger opponents even if it is only partially charged.

There are enemy types that are annihilated by the halberd. Some people will probably struggle with the Snake-Bodied Automats that you encounter after the first boss, but the Halberd just eats them up, as you can charge from a safe distance, then let it rip and ruin their day. However, the secondary ability—Ranged Attack—isn't particularly great. It uses ammo and doesn't hit that hard. Very early in the game, you will obtain a gun that renders this secondary ability pretty much useless.

Your starting item is the Explosive Grenade. It will stun your opponents, and you start with three of them. You will probably want to save these for the first boss. Like the rest of the starting items, these aren't particularly rare.

The Dancer Class

Starting Stats

In order to accommodate their adrenaline-fueled playstyle, Dancers start with points in Agility and Vigour. Both of these stats are pretty important, as one provides more damage and the other improves your Endurance. Even if you choose to move away from the fans, these stats will serve you well.

Starting Equipment

The Dancer is easily one of the most enjoyable beginner classes to play. For starters, the shield secondary ability is pretty potent early on, and unlike with the hammer, the fans are fast enough to capitalize on your enemies having their attacks deflected. In general, the Shield subskill just fits the fans better. It makes the gameplay feel vaguely Sekiro-esque.

The charge attack for the fans is also okay. It isn't anywhere near the god-tier halberd charge attack, but it is better than the batons'. The shield skill doesn't scale super well as the game continues on, but it will serve you well in the first few areas in the game. When you are using the fans, you will probably be using the light attacks primarily, as they are extremely fast and don't force you to over-commit, which means that you can slide a shield block in between. Though, once you start running into enemies who hit harder, you are going to need to start playing a little more cautiously.

Your starting item is the Fire Grenade. It will set your opponents on fire, which deals continuous damage over time. Similar to the other grenades, you start with three of them. These will make the first boss go down more easily.

The Alchemist Class

Starting Stats

As the name would suggest, this class is focused on dealing Alchemical damage. So, it is only appropriate that they come loaded with Elemental Alchemy and Engineering. Both of these stats help to improve the efficacy of your Alchemical attacks.

Starting Equipment

Speaking of Alchemical attacks, the Alchemist starts with the Invocation of Ice, which imbues your weapon with the ice status effect. This means that hitting opponents will cause them to freeze. It is pretty neat, and it only costs two Alchemical Capsules, which is pretty damn cheap. The batons themselves are pretty fast. However, they are super stumpy, so you are going to have to be up in your opponent's grill; but, unlike when using the fans, you don't have the ability to block.

Also, the charge attack is pretty miserable and is easily the worst charge attack for hitting multiple opponents. Actually, scratch that, it is just easily the worst charge attack of the beginning weapons. So, you will be spending most of your time using your light attacks. Your dodges are going to need to be on point. Just remember, don't dodge to the side, dodge through your opponents. Ultimately, the Alchemist is probably the hardest class to play in the beginning. However, on the bright side, when you get your freezing gun after beating the Unstable Lancer, it will be even more effective, as your stats will benefit it greatly.

The Alchemist is the only class that doesn't start with a grenade of some sort. Instead, they start with the Alchemical Resistance Vial. As the name would suggest, this will help you resist an enemy's alchemical attacks. We would recommend saving these for the Unstable Ram, which is the second boss you will encounter. It will help you deal with its lightning attacks, which you may be more vulnerable to, as the batons have such a short range.

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