Stones Of Harlath Is Coming To Quest Next Week

Stones Of Harlath is coming to Oculus Quest next week.

The VR role-playing game (RPG) is listed in the Coming Soon section of the store now with a 10% discount for early orders. That takes it from its usual price of $9.99 down to $8.99. This is actually the first game in the Oculus Store on Quest to offer a pre-order option; other titles like Larcenauts and ForeVR Bowl are simply listed as ‘Coming Soon’. We’ve asked Facebook if any developer can now launch pre-order offers for their apps.

Stones of Harlath, meanwhile, is due for release on June 3rd. We first wrote about it just under a year ago. Developed by Garage Collective, the game transports players to the titular island, where they’ll explore dungeons and cast spells by tracing out patterns of runes. The game carries a pretty gorgeous retro art style that you might recognize from Garage Collective’s last game, Theta Legion. You can see a trailer for the game above.

While the game is coming to Quest next week, it looks like the initially announced SteamVR version is still a little ways out – the store listing suggests it’ll release on July 15.

Will you be checking out Stones of Harlath on Oculus Quest next week? Let us know in the comments below!

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