Stranded: Alien Dawn – Relationships And Marriage

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  • Can You Control Social Interactions Between Survivors?
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In a situation as dire as a crash landing on a foreign planet, you would think that romance was off the table. After all, there are so many responsibilities to handle in Stranded: Alien Dawn. Why pursue a courtship when you have shelter left to build, food to harvest, and predators to kill?

However, as the adage goes, "love finds a way." Social needs and interactions play a role in Stranded's day-to-day life, which can lead to platonic friendships, bitter loathing, or a beautiful marriage. Still, there are plenty of tasks to do before the ultimate "I Do."

Note: Stranded: Alien Dawn is an Early Access title still in development. Therefore, its current version does not represent the contents of the finished game. As a result, parts of this guide may become obsolete/inaccurate as the title grows and evolves. Additionally, bugs and glitches may inhibit gameplay.

Can You Control Social Interactions Between Survivors?

You can't control social interactions with survivors. The only direct orders you can give a survivor regarding another survivor are actions related to healing or handling their welfare. For instance, if a survivor is having a meltdown, you can task another survivor with knocking them out. Or if a survivor gets injured in battle, you can task another survivor with carrying them to safety.

Yet, when it comes to other interactions, you cannot control your survivors like Sims. So don't expect to spam flirtation actions until your survivors "woohoo."

Stranded's social interaction happens spontaneously, depending on the game's circumstances and the survivors' personalities.

How Will I Know If My Survivors Are In A Relationship?

You'll know when two of your survivors become romantically involved via an in-game message notifying you that Survivor A and Survivor B are lovers. You'll also see recent interactions between survivors in their Happiness tab. Regardless of romantic status, you'll better understand how your survivors jive with one another by checking if their recent interactions add to their pleasures or troubles.

Your survivor's overview tab will also display critical indicators, including Social stats, which list the survivor's relationship status (positive or negative) with other crew members. Furthermore, relationship titles, like "Lover of" or "Fiancé of," will appear next to that survivor's name.

What Factors Contribute To Romantic Relationships?

While you cannot directly influence your survivors' love lives, certain situations can bond them together.

Proximity is a significant factor. If two survivors spend much of the day working together, they'll likely get to know each other better. For example, while playing, we had a couple, Rita and Daniel, who fell in love working beside each other at two tailor benches.

Personality traits are another indicator of romantic possibility. The same couple we mentioned earlier have very compatible backgrounds and personality traits. Daniel is a pacifist whose bio states he "would give his life for someone he doesn't know." Rita is a skilled xenobotanist with a cheerful disposition and a passion for salvaging ecosystems across the universe. It makes sense that two generous personalities like theirs would meld together well.

How Do Relationships Affect Survivors?

Every interaction your survivors have with each other can positively or negatively affect their Happiness meter. For example, pleasant discourse can brighten a survivor's day. In contrast, an unpleasant prank from one survivor could negatively impact another.

Romantic relationships add unique pleasures and troubles. On the one hand, being in love significantly heightens a survivor's mood. But, on the other hand, a romantic relationship presents new needs. For instance, a couple's mood decreases when the two can't sleep beside each other.

How Do I Marry Survivors After They Become Engaged?

To hold a marriage ceremony for your engaged survivors, you must build a wedding arch first. You can task a survivor with building an arch via the furniture menu. You'll see it next to the armchair icon. Constructing a wedding arch requires ten pieces of wood and twenty fabric.

Soon after the arch's construction, the engaged couple will suggest holding a marriage ceremony. Accepting the ceremony request will schedule the event for later in the evening, similar to other communal events like music nights or the optional celebration after setting up camp.

We came across a minor glitch worth addressing. In our playthrough of Stranded, our planned marriage ceremony got rained out. Unfortunately, the ceremony never resumed. Deconstructing and reconstructing the arch did not prompt a new ceremony either. So we recommend placing your wedding arch indoors to prevent this situation and ensure a well-run betrothal.

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