Stranger Things’ Writers Post Unreadable Pixelated Photo Of Season 5’s Plot

Stranger Things exploded back into our lives earlier this year via what was widely regarded as its best season yet. That leaves one more season until the Netflix show comes to an end for good, and while there'll be a long wait until it airs, Stranger Things' writers just posted the entire plot on Twitter for all to see.

Well, technically for all to see, but also technically for no one to see. The photo is an image of a grid in which the plot for all eight episodes is broken down. However, none of it can be read by anyone other than the lucky few who have access to the actual board and not just the photo. Before posting the image on social media to celebrate the grid reaching completion, every last bit of spoiler-filled information was pixelated.

Before you rush to Google and try to find software that will clean the photo back up for you, don't bother. As highlighted by Dexerto, it doesn't appear to be a thing. At least not a thing that would do the job so meticulously that all of the now decided upon details for Stranger Things season five would magically become clear.

Even though nothing about season five can be gleaned from the grid, that isn't going to stop Stranger Things fans from studiously glaring at it for the next few days. While most of it is clearly just writing, a big black mark at the bottom of episode seven's column certainly draws the eye. Either that signifies something big will happen in the penultimate episode, or there's something on that board that couldn't be hidden by pixelation alone.

Stranger Things season four was a huge hit, re-establishing the show as Netflix's crown jewel and getting Kate Bush's Running Up That Hill to number one in the charts. If you're looking for clues regarding what's to come in season five, it might be worth trawling through old interviews with the cast. Gaten Matarazzo, who plays Dustin, predicted the events of season four fairly accurately years before it ever aired.

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