Streamer Makes Her Channel DMCA Friendly By Providing Her Own Sound Effects For Skyrim

The last few weeks have been a rough ride for Twitch streamers. First, the platform removed the VODS of hundreds of partnered streamers after hitting them with DMCA takedowns. Then, after offering little to no information to those affected, they decided to ignore the situation for a while. Finally, around three weeks later, they issued a statement.

According to Twitch, the move related to an influx of DMCA notifications coming in from major record labels, mostly targeting archived footage. These were so numerous that they had to take drastic action. However, it wasn’t just copyrighted music that was the issue and some VODs have been removed for other reasons. Twitch also provided a very helpful solution for streamers to avoid getting copyright strikes on their channels… “mute the game audio.”

Lucky for us, Twitch partner Jambo saw this advice and rose to the challenge in the most spectacular way by providing her very own Skyrim sound effects.

Muting all audio when streaming sounds like a crazy option. After all, audio is a huge part of any game experience, especially the sound effects, and muting it means you’re just met with nothing for accompaniment. This gives rise to awkward silences and a generally weird situation for content creators to deal with. However, Twitch streamer Jambo has proved that she’s more than capable of rising to the challenge with her DMCA friendly Skyrim stream.

Making sure she followed the advice Twitch has given, Jambo muted Skyrim and streamed using her very own sound effects. She even made a compilation of the highlights, with equally amusing subtitles, so we can all enjoy them.

The creativity is outstanding and you can watch the entire stream over on Jambo’s Twitch channel. Just prepare yourself as it’s both hysterical and wholesome; you’ll see glimpses of how pure her community is.

Our personal highlights are the Skyrim theme underwater, the night time in Skyrim song, the numerous epic dragon screeches, and fire crackling sounds. It takes us back to when we were younger, making pew-pew sounds and lightsaber swooshes as we adventured through Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Ok, you got me, that was last week. It was still fun though and I was younger, just about.

Here’s to more improvised-sound streams. Also, if anyone does know what noise signs and cabbages make – we’d still like to know.

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