Street Fighter 5 Eleven bonus character is not the final DLC extra

Eleven was initially believed to be Street Fighter 5’s final character, but Capcom confirmed that he’s actually bonus DLC.

When Capcom announced Street Fighter 5’s final season of content, it confirmed all but one of the characters that would be included. As it turns out, Season 5 will have an additional bonus character called Eleven (feel free to make your own Stranger Things joke).

Anyone who purchases either the character pass or premium pass for Street Fighter 5 will unlock Eleven on February 22, alongside Dan Hibiki. However, Eleven technically isn’t an original fighter.

He’s essentially a glorified random button. Picking him will see him randomly transform into another fighter, like a creepy, white, gelatinous doppelganger. Think of him as the Street Fighter equivalent of Mokujin from the Tekken games, who would randomly duplicate another character’s moveset.

He was actually already established in one of the game’s character stories and his name and appearance make him a precursor to the character Twelve from Street Fighter 3.

Eleven’s presence was accidentally leaked prior to the reveal, leading everyone to assume that he was the final, unidentified fighter. But, with the Winter Update proving that to not be the case, fans are back to speculating who it could possibly be.

The update also provides a breakdown of Dan’s gameplay, as well as a look at the second Season 5 character Rose and her stage. In addition, Street Fighter 5 will be receiving a new gameplay mechanic called V-Shift, a defensive move that makes a character temporarily invincible.

The video ends with a very brief glimpse at Oro, the third Season 5 character, who hasn’t been playable since the Street Fighter 3 games. Both him and Akira, a guest star from the seemingly abandoned Rival Schools series, are expected to release in the summer, with the final mystery character coming in the autumn.

Street Fighter 5 is available on PC and PlayStation 4.

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