Struggling To Defeat Lawachurls In Genshin Impact? If You Have Jean, You Can Just Drown Them

The Genshin Impact community is always popping off with new ways to entertain you, like finding fun uses for Zhongli’s E ability or cheesing painfully difficult boss fights. So today, in new ways to do something ridiculous and entertaining in Mihoyo’s latest gacha, we have Jean drowning Lawachurls.

You’ll have to be lucky to nab Jean, she’s a five-star character and only available from the standard banner. If you’ve already got her, then you may be familiar with her E ability, Gale Blade, which focuses wind around her blade and can pick up nearby enemies. Once you’ve grabbed some poor Hilichurl, you can then sling them across the field. Or you can be a little meaner, hold them, and move them in and out of elemental swirl abilities so they keep taking hits. She’s a ton of fun to play around with, and her healing kit is a nice incentive to invest in her.

Apparently, there’s also another reason to ascend and level the Acting Grand Master of the Knights of Favonius, as she makes fights with Lawachurls a walk in the park. On Reddit, NepRimuru posted a video of their Jean smacking around the giant beasty with her charge attacks and Gale Blade. The giant guy still has a ton of HP, doesn’t even have the chance to fight back, and then just hits the water. A moment of struggle and the Lawachurl drowns. Don’t deny it, you love to see it. Those things are a pain.

The comments are grand as always, with one user calling Jean the “Yeet Queen” (which I can’t decide if that’s the worst or the best thing I’ve heard). The thread continues with a few more serious conversations on gameplay, with some suggesting that characters like Venti and Jean make for the most powerful duo in the game as the best anemo elemental users.

There’s not always a convenient body of water beside a Lawachurl and knocking up big boss creatures like these isn’t the easiest task sometimes. Regardless, drowning one of these huge jerks is all fair game given how many times we’ve all been knocked around by them. If you’re looking for a way to farm some of those much sought after materials without having to try hard, go run along the ocean and look for unsuspecting big guys with your Jean.

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