Subnautica: How To Find And Use Fungal Samples

Subnautica encourages its players to explore each one of the different Biomes available in Planet 4546B by scattering valuable resources all over the map. You’ll need these resources and materials to craft items that’ll help you in your journey to find out what happened in this ocean world (and, eventually, escape it).

From Titanium to Diamonds, there’s a lot to find (and scan) in Subnautica. One raw material you’ll be able to gather when visiting the Mushroom Forest is Fungal Samples, an indigenous flora to the game’s planet, and one that contains fungal enzymes (which will become very important as you progress through the story). Here’s where to find these Fungal Samples and what to do with them.

How To Find Fungal Samples

Fungal Samples are relatively easy to find and gather; all you have to do is head over to the Mushroom Forests Biome and get closer to one of the Tree Mushrooms that are all over the area. Don’t worry; it is nearly impossible to miss these trees since they are enormous and with a very peculiar design.

At last, Tree Mushrooms are not actually trees but just really tall and big corals, which is why you can harvest them just as you would do with the other corals in the game. You’ll obtain Fungal Samples from these Tree Mushrooms.

To obtain the Fungal Samples, you’ll have to get closer to a Mushroom cap from the Tree Mushroom and interact with it using your survival knife. Another way to collect the raw material is by using some of your vehicles, like the Seamoth or the Cyclops, to collide against the Tree Mushroom.

What To Do With Fungal Samples

Outside of Subnautica’s story, Fungal Samples are somewhat useless since they are only valuable for their x70 Energy valuable aka the amount of Energy you’ll obtain for placing one Fungal Sample in the Bioreactor.

However, these samples are really important for the game plot, so inevitably, you’ll be tasked with finding them—warning, spoilers ahead.

When you get to the point in the game where you have to find a way to hatch the Sea Emperor Eggs (after activating the Aquarium Arch), you’ll need x1 Fungal Sample to make Hatching Enzymes, which is the Advanced Material you’ll have to craft to trigger the hatching.

These enzymes are an organic substance you’ll make from different plants like:

  • x1 Fungal Sample
  • x1 Bulb Bush Sample
  • x1 Ghost Weed Seed
  • x1 Sea Crown Seed
  • x1 Eyes Plant Seed

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