Subnautica: Seabase Guide — Everything You Need To Know

Subnautica is a well-known first-person exploration game that doesn’t just capture the beauty of sci-fi, but offers exciting gameplay as well. One of the most fun experiences taken from this game is the ability to customize one’s seabase. This process is fun, but it can also be challenging. As you progress through the game, you’ll acquire blueprints, which unlock new buildings and decor.

However, while the process may be fun, seabases also play a critical role in the player’s mission to escape the planet. Here are some things to know before playing the game, with tips on how to make your seabase better.

You Can Build Your Base Away From The Shallows

At the start of the game, Ryley has managed to escape death aboard life pod 5 after Aurora’s crash. Upon exiting the life pod, you’ll find yourself on Planet 4546B. The Safe Shallows is the first Biome players find, so it is really tempting to set up shop there.

However, the world of Subnautica has so many more exciting and beautiful locations to build a base in, too. What most players find themselves doing is returning back to the shallows to keep building up their base. Don’t be opposed to exploring different potential locations.

Keep The Neighbors In Mind

While you can build your seabase almost anywhere on 4546B, some areas are safer than others. It is important to be mindful of the potential hazards that will make building your base a challenge.

Be sure to build in an area where the creatures trying to eat you won’t be waiting to do exactly that. This advice is especially important when you gain the ability to make exterior grow beds. If you build a base near predators, then you will have a harder time moving around the outside of your base.

Understand Your Equipment

Ryley’s goal of escaping his watery environment is not easy to achieve, so taking advantage of everything at his disposal is important. While some things are optimal and meant to make the game easier, some equipment is vital to success.

Aquariums, for example, are aesthetically pleasing and can hold live fish for later consumption. Understanding everything at your disposal will make a world of difference.

Storage Equals Life

As the game progresses, storage will become more vital to your success. Do not be ashamed to have walls and walls of storage containers.

Furthermore, as players eventually obtain a cyclops (basically a submarine), this vehicle will be a seabase away from your seabase. Eventually, storing almost everything you find will be necessary if you do not want to make countless trips to different biomes.

Save Up Building Materials

Ryley will come across many different materials on the planet of 4546B, but you have to keep in mind how important each one is. Everything you make will require some type of materials. While it may not feel necessary at the beginning of the game, gradually you will require more and more materials to keep the progress going.

There is no point in having a large number of storage containers if there is nothing to store. Overall, it may seem like too much to store a bit of everything, but there are good reasons why so many players follow this exact strategy.

Set Up The Radio Where You Will See It

While exploring this aquatic terrain, it is easy to get lost in the fun — but, do not forget to check the transmitter. Transmitters will deliver messages needed to progress in the story, so it is important to place the radio somewhere where you will see it often and not need to seek it out.

While this may seem like a minor detail, it will make a decent difference in the enjoyable amount of time put into the game.

Enjoy Your Base

Aquariums are one of the most interesting and aesthetically pleasing decorations, but there are so many more options to select when decorating one’s space.

Ryley has to explore old, abandoned bases in order to find information, but there are plenty of opportunities to get blueprints for décor. Near the game’s end, you’ll enjoy having a base that makes you not want to leave (especially with all those credits Ryley owes to Alterra).

Mind Your Vehicles

Vehicles are amazing for so many reasons and they are essential to progress. Excluding the rocket crafted at the end of the game, vehicles make traversing the planet of 4546B easier (and in some cases, they even make it possible at all).

As Ryley needs to go into deeper waters, the vehicles will need to be fitted with mods and upgrades. It is important to ensure your base will comfortably house your vehicles. Within your base, do not forget to have a section dedicated to charging batteries and whatever else your vehicles will need.

Don’t Neglect Progress

In order to create more structures, tools, and such in the game, players need to make sure Ryley scans objects when they can to obtain blueprints. Some blueprints are required to progress through and eventually beat the game.

It is important to expand one’s base to house all the equipment and vehicles necessary to reach new depths. Furthermore, as you build more, the base will also require more power. Players can easily get lost in the beauty of the game, so just remember to keep up with the upkeep of your seabase.

Don’t Be Afraid To Have Fun

In Subnautica, it is all about the journey, not the destination. Considering that information, feel free to be creative with your base. Some players have made interesting challenges or impressive habitats with style.

No matter what one does with their seabase or where they chose to set up shop, do not forget to have fun with it and experiment. The sea is the limit.

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