Super Nintendo World Hollywood Opens Early, Footage Shared Online

Super Nintendo World Hollywood has unexpectedly opened its doors early, giving some fans the chance to explore the park expansion more than a month before its official launch. This "soft opening" doesn't appear to be missing many features either, with guests able to meet Mario, eat at the Toadstool Cafe, and much more.

Photos and videos from these early trips are being shared online, showing that Super Nintendo World Hollywood is pretty much ready to go ahead of its February opening. If you're planning to go to Universal Studios Hollywood – where Super Nintendo World is based – before then, the Mario attractions may be open to you too, albeit at a reduced capacity.

According to the site Inside Universal, this early opening is a technical rehearsal, gearing up for the full launch of the park. They first spotted this soft launch on January 12, and it's not known if it will be semi-open every day until its intended opening date of February 17.

Even if some of the attractions aren't ready for the public, the ones that are open to testing seem to be going off without a hitch. Early visitors have been able to share videos of some of the areas in action, giving us a taste of what's in store for us next month.

In true Mario fan fashion, most are just happy to catch a glimpse of their favourite characters – no matter how brief that may be. As usual, it's the Daisy fans who are left starving, as one of her loyal followers was only able to get a peek at her during one of the VR segments.

And of course, no theme park area is complete without an in-universe cafe. Right now, you can pop over to a restaurant seemingly operated by Toads if you're feeling peckish… although his voice acting is a little off-putting, personally.

We're likely to see more details come out about Nintendo World as it goes through these rehearsals. But of course, guests visiting after February 17 will get the full experience, and with an increased visitor capacity.

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