Super Stardust Portable Is The First PS Plus Classic Game To Retroactively Get Trophies

Super Stardust Portable was a PSP title released in November 2008, a port of the downloadable Super Stardust HD for the PS3. The shoot 'em up was developed by Finnish studio Housemarque, which would go on to be acquired by Sony in 2021 and make the superb PS5 exclusive Returnal.

Super Stardust Portable made it into the PS Plus Premium Classics catalogue last year so modern PlayStation owners could give the game a go (and it's a blast), but now it's gotten full trophy support. This is quite the turnaround as it was previously thought that such Classics wouldn't get trophy support but this marks the first time that a game in the Classic catalogue has had trophies added retrospectively (via Pushsquare).

The trophy list is available to see over on PSNProfiles, and it seems gamers have been busy, with just over 41 percent of players already achieving the Platinum trophy. At the time of writing 1,057 trophies had been earned while average completion stood at a quite respectable 59 percent. And at 41 percent, it's quite a high rate of Platinum trophy achievers too, so perhaps those wanting to collect Platinums honed in on this shmup as a good one to target, or perhaps shmup fans are just a dedicated bunch. You can watch a video of Super Stardust HD below to get an idea of the gameplay as the Portable version is very similar.

Super Stardust has quite the release history. It was ported to PS4 as Super Stardust Ultra in 2014 and a VR version was made two years later for PS VR. A PS Vita version, which was a slightly expanded update on the PSP title, came out in 2012 and was called Super Stardust Delta. And in 2023 the Housemarque shmup can be played on a PS5.

Now, players who have signed up for the Premium tier of PlayStation Plus can not only play Super Stardust Portable but also earn trophies and get that coveted Platinum. It shouldn't take players too long either.

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