Techland Delays Dying Light 2

2020 is set to become the year of the delay. Earlier this morning, developer Techland announced that it would be delaying the upcoming Dying Light 2 to an unspecified date in 2020. Originally set to launch this spring, the company needs more development time to bring the open-world zombie title to the quality it wants.

In a heartfelt message on Twitter, CEO Pawel Marchewka apologized to fans for the delay and stressed that the company is working hard to achieve the results expected of it. Considering the first Dying Light was a major step up from Techland’s Dead Island, it stands to reason that this sequel will be even better. Making strides like that doesn’t come easily, though.

While this news is a little disappointing, it is ultimately for the best. In the words of Nintendo producer Shigeru Miyamoto, “A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad.” That may not hold entirely true in the digital age, but the idea is there. Rushing something out to market just to meet a deadline (or fan expectation) is a bad idea. A few games have managed a comeback –No Man’s Sky and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn-, but the majority of titles come out with bugs and are forever tarnished.

If Techland needs the time, we’ll just have to be patient. It would be wiser to not work employees to death just to make a video game, no matter how important that game may be to you. Human lives are precious and we should be willing to wait a bit to get the next installment of our favorite series.

As for when we’ll next hear about Dying Light 2, I’d wager we’ll learn more sometime next month. If the game is now going to miss current generation consoles, there’s a chance it could be launching alongside the PS5 and Xbox Series X in the fall/winter. With Sony potential unveiling the PS5 in February, that would be the best time to strike with this news.

Even if that doesn’t end up being true, I applaud Techland for making the tough decision to delay. It will only result in a better final product.

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