Tell Me Why – Collectibles Guide Chapter 2

Dontnod Entertainment’s Tell Me Why, features three chapters, all available for Xbox Game Pass. The game includes 13 collectible figurines to be found, five in the first and second chapters and three in the final chapter. These collectibles can be found scattered throughout the numerous sections of each chapter, and their exact locations will be detailed in this guide.

Some very vague, minor spoilers will be included here as reference points for when the collectibles will appear, though you should be able to read ahead without much fear of revealing too much about the story. If you’d prefer to play through the chapter on your own first, to enjoy this game’s incredible story without the worry of collectibles, you can use the chapter select in the main menu to skip to parts of the chapter and find your collectibles after your playthrough.

The Big Frog

From when you first gain control of Alyson after the long opening cutscene in part two of the chapter “Ahoy Goblins!”, walk over to the dining table, to the left of where you spawn around the corner. Walk to the side of the table nearest to the open window and interact with the “Look under” prompt on the table. Stuck to the underside of the table will be the first of five figurines.

The Stalwart Moose

In part four, “Cold Case”, you will eventually find yourself upstairs in the police station. Once Alyson lets you inside, take an immediate right into the open office and head around to the opposite side of the desk. Open up the top left drawer and inside will be the moose figurine, sitting in plain sight.

The Mangy Muskrat

In part five, “Plushy Fight!”, you will spawn in Tom’s shop, the same one from the previous chapter. After talking to Tom, head to the opposite side of the shop from where the office is and head through the white double doors on the right. Head to the fridge across the room and on the shelf to the left of it will be the chapter’s third collectible.

The Very Old Beaver

In the following chapter, “Last Rites”, advance through the level until you watch the memory of Mary-Ann crying in front of Carol Brown’s grave. After the memory has concluded, open up the tiny box behind the grave, where you can find the second-to-last figurine of the chapter, the beaver.

The Moon Hack

At the very start of “Scorched Earth”, you will be in the barn following a fire. Head forward and take a right around the tarped car, through the door into the room with the blue floor. Take a left and look in the lower right cupboard, where the final figurine of the chapter can be found.

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