Temtem Has More Interest Than Expected (Prepare For Long Queues)

So apparently Temtem is a lot more popular than anybody realized. That is to say, there are so many new tamers that it’s overloading Temtem’s servers.

Oh, right, you might not know what Temtem even is. To put it bluntly, it’s an MMORPG version of Pokémon. You go around capturing little monsters (the titular Temtem), train them, and then use them to battle against NPCs and other trainers. The big difference is that the whole thing takes place in this big open world and you can interact with other tamers along the way (besides just battling them, I mean).

There are a few other minor tweaks made to the combat system, but in every way that matters, Temtem is a Pokémon game–so much so that it makes you wonder how they’ve thus far avoided getting sued by Nintendo.

Anyway, the game released to early access on PC via Steam today, and it looks like there was a lot more interest in the game that the Temtem devs realized. Which is to say it’s almost impossible to get online to actually play Temtem since the servers are overloaded with new players.

According to Wccftech, who tried to get into the game mere minutes after the release, the Temtem servers are already reporting queue of up to 9,000 players. There’s no timeframe given for how long you’ll have to wait in order to get into the game, but players are reporting massive chunking, load times, and poor framerate due to the servers being overloaded.

The Temtem devs are aware of the issue and have implemented a partial fix as of 30 minutes ago that will address some of the concerns for players that were actually able to log in. Other players still waiting in line might see it shrink a bit as new player slots have also opened, but it’s still a long wait to get into Temtem.

SteamDB reports that Temtem currently has 23,992 players as of the time of this writing, with a peak concurrent player count of 29,545 which happened just a few hours ago. Expect both these numbers to climb as Spanish developer Crema desperately tries to find more server space to get players on board.

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