The 10 Best Genies In Video Games

There are plenty of old tropes and character types in gaming that are used to death, but one character type that is rarely used is the mystical genie. There are many unique ways to craft a genie character and there are just as many unique ways to tie them into ancient cultures which makes it a shock that the concept is so underutilized compared to others.

Whether sinister or friendly, there have been some fascinating genies for gamers to become acquainted with. Some say that the magical creatures need some more love, and there are few ways better than to give some of the best video game genies their due.

10 Taj – Diddy Kong Racing

There really aren’t that many memorable characters from kart racers that don’t include Mario in the title, but Taj does manage to stand out. A big reason for that is likely because he’s a big blue elephant, and it’s kind of hard to forget something like that.

The elephant also just so happens to be a genie. While he isn’t the most important character around, he’s a fun inclusion to Diddy Kong Racing, often resulting in many fans hoping that he earns a secret unlockable spot in future Mario Kart games.

9 Ruby – Dark Cloud

When it comes to genies, Ruby is a relatively traditional one compared to others. Thanks to the mischievous nature she has, something many genies seem to share, she found herself trapped inside a magic lamp.

She’s a party member that anyone who picks up Dark Cloud will be happy to have around. Whether used as a serious magic user in combat or simply preferred thanks to her sassy nature, Ruby is a fun inclusion in an often overlooked game. Most people can agree that she represents genies well.

8 Genie – Aladdin

While Genie may have risen to fame in the animated film Aladdin, he has made quite a few appearances in video games as well. Managing to bring the energy of any moment up every time he’s on your screen, Genie is an absolute joy.

Whether simply being present in the game without being playable or acting as a kind of random summon, Genie can have a serious impact even if you can’t directly control him. The joy the big blue genie brings to everyone who sees him makes his inclusion in plenty of games an obvious choice.

7 Djimmi The Great – Cuphead

Sometimes being the best means also being bad. Djimmi The Great is a fantastic boss, but he’s also pretty sinister and kind of frightening at a glance. His early form is exactly what most people think of when the word genie is used, but that changes in a hurry.

Morphing into an incredible being, Djimmi is an imposing boss that caused a lot of trouble for a lot of early Cuphead players. Most people may have learned his patterns by now, but he was still a unique inclusion in a game filled with unique design choices.

6 Al Khemi – Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch

It’s almost a crime how few people have experienced the joy of the Ni No Kuni series. It’s a unique take on plenty of classic gaming tropes and features a seriously fun story. With many fascinating characters to experience, you will eventually come across Al Khemi the genie.

He can be a tough fight to take on if you don’t know the strategies, but most people shouldn’t have too much trouble. His design in the different games can feel like a serious call back to Studio Ghibli creatures, making the games a must-play for fans of the iconic animated movie studio.

5 Shahra – Sonic And The Secret Rings

People who enjoyed the fairytale-style adventures from Sonic’s Wii days have Shahra to thank, at least in part, for all the fun. She is the genie that kicks off Sonic’s entire 3D adventure in The Secret Rings.

She asks Sonic to help her defeat an evil genie known as Erazor Djinn, and once he accepts, the two begin their journey. Her story does come with a few little surprises, making it one that Sonic fans should go back and check out if they haven’t already.

4 The Genie – Gauntlet: Dark Legacy

The Gauntlet series is another multiplayer, dungeon-crawling adventure that often goes unspoken about for whatever reason. The game is filled with plenty of fascinating worlds to explore and even more unique bosses to fight.

Some of those bosses are incredibly tough, and depending on the players you have, your level, and the weapons you have access to, the Genie boss can be a nightmare. If you aren’t careful he can cut you down in just a few quick blows from his mighty swords. A little side tip, watch out for his little tornados.

3 MistMan.EXE – Mega Man Battle Network 3 White

So MistMan.EXE isn’t technically a genie – he’s a net navi, which makes him little more than a computer program, but he is in the style of a genie, so he counts. The Net Navi is touted as one of the tougher bosses in the game, depending on your folder build.

Rather than attacking the Navi, you actually have to attack his lamp in order to damage him. One of his trickiest moves is Soulgang, where he summons some ghosts in order to stop you in your tracks while he delivers some of his most brutal attacks.

2 The Genie Of The Lamp – Mario Party 2

Who could forget about the iconic, if somewhat goofy, Genie Of The Lamp from the Mario Party series. He hasn’t been around nearly as much these days, but maybe bringing him back would be a good idea for any future sandy boards.

The whole role of the genie is to basically give your favorite Mario character a free star in return for speaking to him, so he's easily loved. Once you’ve contacted your genie friend, you’ll be taken to buy a handy star of your own, potentially turning the entire tide of a game in one swift move.

1 Shantae – Shantae

While Shantae may just be a half-genie, that might actually be the thing that has endeared her to so many fans over the years. Using her magical abilities and fantastic hair, Shantae is seen as a powerful protector of her lands and defends it no matter the cost.

Another character that Super Smash Bros fans have been clamoring to be added to the game for quite some time, Shantae is a powerful combatant. With five truly underrated games under her belt, Shantae has been around for quite a while, and thanks to fan support, it doesn’t seem like she’ll ever be gone for too long.

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