The Division 2 Maintenance: Server Status latest for Tidal Basin Update and Patch Notes

The Division 2 – What To Do After The Download?

Ubisoft Massive has kindly provided a bit of a guide on what to do once you finish downloading today’s new update, which you’ll find, just below:

Upon logging into D.C., you will be met with a brief radio call informing you of developments nearby that require your attention. Completing this new side mission unlocks the Tidal Basin Stronghold.

Remember that this content is available once you have progressed to World Tier 4 and achieved at least 425 gear score.

After completing Tidal Basin, Coordinator Manny Ortega at the Base of Operations will have intel on surrounding Black Tusk operations in D.C. This unlocks Weekly Invaded Missions, available on any difficulty! These missions will reset on a weekly cadence and apply to the previous story missions.

If you are after the new gear sets, the Black Tusks will have a chance to drop pieces in World Tier 5.

The Division 2 – Future Content

Keep a look out for this new content coming in the weeks ahead:

  • Operation Dark Hours is the toughest of all challenges: an 8- player raid that will test the teamwork of the most experienced agents, coming April 25th.
  • Coming in a future update, Agents will have the chance to unlock a brand new Specialisation.
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