The Division Heartland: 20 Minutes Of Closed Testing Footage Leaked

Around 20 minutes of footage has been leaked from closed testing for The Division: Heartland, a week after it was initially announced.

It appears Ubisoft has started hosting closed testing for The Division: Heartland, as players have started to upload clips of gameplay across social media. It was previously hosted on Vimeo, but the footage has been taken down from there.

One clip shows a game that is very much still The Division, but with some gameplay changes made to the formula to make it resemble battle royale titles. One Redditor dissected the footage and pointed out that Heartlands introduces sliding, crouching, melee weapons, and that it resembles a battle royale with Division elements mixed in. One of the modes appears to have squads of three players.

Among the clips leaked, there’s one that is a video message from lead game designer Taylor Epperly, which gives us some more context and information about Heartland. According to this clip, the game is set in a town called Silver Creek, with a 45 player PvP mode called Storm and a PvE mode called Expedition included. It’ll also be free-t0-play with some battle passes and microtransactions, which can be seen in the clips.

The clip also ends with a warning against sharing information and footage about the game, but that’s clearly not gone very well. The leak has since been taken down, but it’s popping up at a rapid rate on YouTube and Twitter, so it’s going to be next to impossible to scrub entirely.

Although the general public has only seen a very brief amount of gameplay from the title, fan reception is currently very positive with reactions across Reddit saying that the game looks like it takes inspiration from and builds upon the original Division.

Ubisoft doesn’t have much luck when it comes to their closed beta testing. When Rainbow Six: Quarantine had a similar testing period, clips of it leaked online and gave players their first look at the game.

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