The Division Heartland Details Leaked Ahead Of Ubisoft Forward

Some of the most important details concerning The Division Heartland were just leaked ahead of Ubisoft Forward, scheduled for next week. The game was listed as “Coming Soon” on the Ubisoft Store, fueling speculation that Ubisoft could soon be making an official announcement about a launch date. The Division Heartland is currently expected to be released at some point before March, 2023. The page in question has been removed from the Ubisoft Store.

The news comes from a user on Twitter known as Unknown1Z1 who noted how “The Division Heartland is now available in the Ubisoft Store listed as Coming Soon.” Unknown1Z1 posted a short video showing the game listed on the Ubisoft Store featuring a few critical details about The Division Heartland along with a box cover and several screenshots.

“The Division Heartland is a free-to-play survival-action multiplayer shooter set in small-town Middle America,” the product description reads. This goes on to present some of the main features of the game including “PvEvP Storm Operations” and “PvE Excursion Operations.”

“Fight together in 45-player PvEvP Storm Operations against a group of dangerous Rogue Agents, an aggressive faction known as the Vultures, all while surviving a lethal virus.” Players can also expect to “complete PvE missions, gather gear, activate alerts, and prep the battlefield in Excursion Operations” while playing as “one of six agents” after having selected “between three classes each match, all with their own perks and skills.”

The Division Heartland is a highly anticipated title. The game has been the subject of numerous leaks over the course of this past year, several of which have been substantial. Several minutes worth of gameplay footage for example were leaked last year shortly after a financial statement revealed its currently assumed release date. Fans of the franchise are expecting to get the latest information at the upcoming Ubisoft Forward.

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