The Last Of Us Fans Think Abby Has Already Been Cast By HBO

With the first episode of HBO's The Last of Us knocking it out of the park, fans of the series have been waiting with bated breath to see the story unfold and witness two beloved characters being brought to life. However, there will be those who will be dreading the start of season two, as it will follow the heartbreaking events of the second game. Of course, that's still a long while away, but fans think that HBO may have already found its Abby.

As spotted by The Last of Us News on Twitter, it appears that Neil Druckmann and actor Shannon Berry from The Wilds have recently started following each other on Instagram (thanks, Kotaku). While that doesn't necessarily mean anything, a quick peek at the actor might reveal why fans have jumped to this conclusion. If I didn't know any better, I'd have assumed that the character model of Abby was inspired by the way Berry looks. The resemblance is uncanny.

In fact, the same handle also put up a screenshot of a tweet by Berry from 2020 which says, "ok i've seen too many people now say I look like Abby from The Last of Us and wow they're kind of right". But that's not all, a quick look at her Instagram profile reveals that she now also follows the show's official handle, Bella Ramsey, and Pedro Pascal as well. Of course, this doesn't mean anything until HBO officially confirms it. Maybe she's just a big fan of the show.

While the show has already hit the ground running, some who worked on the games feel like they weren't given the credit they were due. Bruce Straley worked on the first game and helped flesh out the world and characters, but was missing from the credits of the HBO show. “It’s an argument for unionisation that someone who was part of the co-creation of that world and those characters isn’t getting a credit or a nickel for the work they put into it,” Straley said. “Maybe we need unions in the video game industry to be able to protect creators.”

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