The Last Of Us Fans Think Art In Part 1 Is Teasing New Naughty Dog Fantasy Game

Earlier this year, leakers claimed that Naughty Dog is working on a new single-player IP with a fantasy setting separate from co-president Neil Druckmann, and fans think they've found proof of its existence hiding in The Last of Us Part 1.

There's a wall of artwork you can find that features a flying pegasus alongside a woman with a giant sword. There are five drawings total which fit this theme that don't appear to be from the original PS3 game or its PS4 remaster.

While it might seem a stretch to tie the in-game drawings to earlier leaks, this wouldn't be the first time that Naughty Dog has teased another game in a different series entirely. There's a newspaper in Uncharted 3 that references The Last of Us, despite launching nearly two years earlier. The newspaper heading says, "Scientists are still struggling to understand deadly fungus", a now-obvious nod to the zombie outbreak.

It also wouldn't be the first time that Naughty Dog has touched on the fantasy genre, though it has changed a lot as a studio since its last Jak game. The Jak & Daxter trilogy was filled with elves, magical eco, and monstrous beasts, even though its sequels took us to a post-apocalyptic dystopian city and Mad Max-like dunes. However, the artwork doesn't look anything like the Jak games, and the leaks claim that this is a new IP entirely, so don't get your hopes up for a revival.

Maybe we're a couple of years out from playing this fantasy game, much as we were with The Last of Us when Uncharted 3 launched, but we'll have to wait and see. Regardless, Naughty Dog is working on something other than the standalone Factions game – we just don't know what yet.

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