The Last Of Us HBO Review Round-Up

The Last Of Us debuts on HBO this week and reviews of the show are starting to go live. As many people likely expected, the more reviews that filter in, the more praise the show gets. It has even been labeled the best video game adaptation of all time by some who have already seen it.

The Washington Post hasn't scored The Last Of Us out of ten, but its review of the show has pretty much nothing but positive things to say about it. Confirmation in the review that the show stays true to the game, but also that despite its new medium, its story “hits just as hard”.

IGN has given The Last Of Us an impressive 9 out of 10. Praised for focusing on the fallout from the violence as opposed to the violence itself, better-explaining comments made by Craig Mazin who claimed watching a character die on TV is harder than watching them get killed in a video game.

A collection of some other review scores confirms quite a few notable publications have gone all out and given The Last Of Us a perfect score. Empire, Collider, and the Radio Times have all seen the show and deemed it a ten out of ten experience. Exciting news indeed for those anticipating the show's first episode which debuts on HBO this Sunday, January 15.

Everyone involved in the show is doing a pretty great job of generating hype for the adaptation's arrival. Not only by giving the show a video game-style review embargo, but also via the small but fascinating pieces of information it has allowed out into the world ahead of time. The reveal that the show's virus won't be spread by spores like it is in the games, and that Sam will be deaf in the show, something else that wasn't the case in the first game.

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