The Last Of Us Part 2 Mod Adds Bella Ramsey’s Ellie

It's officially The Last Of Us adaptation week. The show debuts on Sunday at which point Last Of Us fans will get their best look yet at Bella Ramsey as Ellie. Modders unable to wait a few more days have modded Ramsey into The Last Of Us Part 2, reimagining the sequel as if the Game Of Thrones actress had played Ellie all along.

Created by Alejandro Bielsa (thanks, Eurogamer), who is better known as Vontadeh in modding circles, the mod effectively gives Part 2's regular Ellie a Ramsey skin. You can see the mod in action below thanks to Speclizer but be warned before you check it out, since the mod has been created in The Last Of Us Part 2, the short video does contain some significant spoilers.

Although the first season of the show will apparently follow the events of the first game, it actually makes sense that Ramsey's likeness would be modded into the sequel. Not only because there's already talk of season two faithfully adapting Part 2, but because the sequel's Ellie is closer to Ramsey's actual age. Ellie is 19 in the second Last Of Us game, which is the same age as Ramsey is now.

As for how well the mod works, Bielsa admits that while a lot of care went into its creation, it isn't perfect. It's best shown off during parts of the game when Ellie isn't being too expressive. Transforming the character into Ramsey proved pretty challenging when Ellie was making expressions which results in the original character model showing through. However, when that's not the case, you can see just how well the Ramsey skin has been applied.

It's amusing that modders would do this as when talking about how she became Ellie in the show, even though she was told not to play the games, Ramsey explained how she believes the character was already in her. That Ellie is an alternative skin for her. Some of the modders who created the project above also turned Joel and Ellie into Kratos and Atreus recently. You really don't know the God of War until you've seen him in a buttoned-up shirt playing guitar.

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