The Most Difficult Achievements In Horror Games

Horror games are fantastic, aren't they? They let us escape one grim reality to enter another, though this time usually with terrifying supernatural creatures. Getting spooked while watching a film is an amusing time. Still, it will never be the same as getting into a game where you have to make the choices, and you have to control the silly protagonist who decides to enter the creepy-looking building, or town, or carnival, or anything else that has a whiff of eeriness about it.

However, what might not be so fun is when the horror trickles into the achievements, making them way more complex than need be. Of course, everyone enjoys a challenge from time to time, but these games took it a stretch too far.

13 F.E.A.R. – Multiplayer And Difficulty Achievements

  • Requirements –
    Completing the campaign and multiplayer maps on Extreme difficulty. Weapon kill achievements on multiplayer. Killing all story enemies.

To complete all difficulty and multiplayer-based achievements, you'll first need to test the waters with a run-through on normal, and then complete stages on extreme mode. While playing the campaign on extreme, you'll have to kill every enemy, not letting a single one slip through the cracks. Finally, earn the weapon kill achievements in multiplayer by killing 50 enemies with each weapon. Who's got the time for all this?

12 BioShock 2 – Reincarnation

  • Requirements –
    Reach Rank 50.

The remastered BioShock collection does not have the multiplayer seen in the original. Since the original multiplayer is pretty much dead in the water, getting this achievement is going to be an incredibly challenging feat, more so than it was originally. For 'Reincarnation,' you need to get to rank 50 online, which means a lot of grinding.

You're looking at hours and hours of repeating the same mode until you reach rank 50. After this, all you need to do is use the rebirth action to set your score back to rank one.

11 Dead By Daylight – Unlocking Every Achievement

  • Requirements –
    Unlock every single achievement in Dead By Daylight.

Dead by Daylight is a game with new achievements added every other month—with every new DLC pack, these tend to add around five more. Standard character-related ones are easy to work through, but the miscellaneous ones like Legendary Survivor/Legendary Killer will be a slog to obtain.

Legendary achievements require you spend near enough all of your free time playing if you want to reach and sustain the highest rank. Prepare to sink some more time into this one.

10 Bloodborne – Hunter's Essence

  • Requirements –
    Acquire all regular weapons and firearms.

Hunter's Essence is completely missable as there's no guarantee you'll get your hands on all the weapons, at least not without a guide. There are many online with step-by-step instructions on the locations and best routes to these weapons.

A few of these you'll find simply by playing the game, but for others, you'll need to earn a specific badge, and then go to a merchant and buy the selected weapon with your Blood Echoes. Unfortunately, this is one of those tasks you're unlikely to accomplish of your own volition.

9 Silent Hill 2 HD – She Would Be Proud

  • Requirements –
    Unlock all other achievements for the platinum trophy.

She Would Be Proud is another case of how agitating it is to get all the achievements for certain games. For Silent Hill 2 (from the HD collection), most of the achievements will still be locked by the story's end.

There are seven endings linked to trophies, a speed-run trophy requiring you to finish in under three hours, and finishing with less than two saves. This means you'll need to play through the game a minimum of six or seven times; on average, the game takes around eight hours.

8 The Last Of Us 2 – Dig Two Graves

  • Requirements –
    Complete the story in Grounded mode.

Like the original game, The Last of Us Part 2 introduced its hardest difficulty, Grounded mode, along with its new game plus update. A few things that come with grounded are fewer resources and ammo around the world, enemies deal more damage and are precisely accurate with their headshots, no indicators for health, and no ammo count, meaning you'll have to remember or guess how much is left. The accessibility options can make this easier, but you'll still have to deal with enemies' stupidly accurate gunplay.

7 Darkest Dungeon – World End/In Such Haste

  • Requirements –
    Complete the game on Stygian difficulty. Complete the game in 99 in-game weeks.

Players recommend it's best to work towards both these achievements simultaneously, as Stygian has a 100-week time limit, so you'll be good to go (so long as you don't exceed the 99-week limit for World End.)

In Stygian, if 12 or more of your heroes are killed, your save file will be deleted, and you'll have to begin anew. Likewise, if you exceed the 99-week limit, you'll also have to start over. Darkest Dungeon is relentless, although some achievements are just too challenging to try to unlock.

6 Catherine – A God Is Born!

  • Requirements –
    Complete the fourth stage of Babel mode.

Babel is a challenge mode with four stages that has no continuity because of the randomness of block placements, which is different on every attempt. Working a little like hard difficulty, you cannot undo your moves and have to plan ahead accordingly. You also have one life for the entire stage, so if you die, back to the beginning you go.

If that doesn't sound bad enough, the final stage Axis Mundi has ten stages which, on average, will take players 15-20 minutes to complete.

5 Limbo – No Point In Dying

  • Requirements
    – Complete the game in one sitting with five or fewer deaths.

Upon reading the requirements for this Limbo achievement, it doesn't seem too tricky to achieve. Don't die in a short game? It seems easy enough; all you need is to prep… right? Well, this would likely be true for any other title, but much of Limbo is spent getting yourself killed in various ways.

The story can be completed in about an hour once you know a direct route to the final chapter, but because of the numerous hazards on the map, it will ruin your entire run if you hit the six-death mark.

4 Outlast 2 – Messiah

  • Requirements –
    Finish the game on Insane mode without reloading the camera battery.

Everyone's heard of the notorious Insane difficulty in the original Outlast, where you cannot save, there are no checkpoints, and if you die, it's game over. Outlast 2 has a similar mode tied to an achievement called Messiah. Aptly named, this mode works the same across both titles, except this time you can't reload your camera battery.

Outlast 2 is a dark game, most of it takes place outside, and there are very few places with decent enough lighting that won't have you whipping out a new battery. To unlock Messiah, you'll have to know the map layout inside out.

3 Dead Space 2 – Hard To The Core

  • Requirements –
    Complete the story on Hardcore mode.

Hardcore is nothing but a bunch of painful segments you have to replay over and over and over again until, eventually, all you'll want to do is crawl into a ball and never touch Dead Space 2 again. You get three saves, so you'll need to plan out beforehand as these are the only available saves in the entire playthrough.

Ammo drops are limited, enemies pack a gnarly punch, and if you die, you'll have to replay for hours before returning to that spot. If this description doesn't give enough credence, there's a lengthy guide on the Dead Space Wiki dedicated to this mode.

2 The Evil Within – You Asked For It

  • Requirements –
    Finish the game on Akumu mode.

Akumu is a one-hit kill mode where 99 percent of enemies can and will ruin your life. They'll sense you near them even when sneaking and react to every slight sound. Enemies sometimes appear much earlier than they do on normal difficulty, so you'll have to prepare for late-game enemies before they're usually set to appear.

Syringes are a no-go as they're no longer helpful, since everyone can beat you down in one fell swoop. You're also very likely to get a significant increase of jump scares from all the excess enemies loitering around the place.

1 Dead Rising – 7-Day Survivor

  • Requirements –
    Survive for at least seven days in Infinity mode.

7-Day Survivor is the ultimate example of an achievement that is unattainable to most. At first, it looks like nothing more than beating up zombies until reaching the seven-day mark, but unfortunately, it's much worse. You'll have to do this on Infinity mode, which means no saving and playing it in one sitting. It also means you constantly lose health, and eating food is the only way to regain health.

Food can be found around the map or looted from any Psychopaths you kill. Stocking up on enough food is the basic guideline when going for 7-Day Survivor. Now all that's left to do is allocate 16 hours of free time to work towards this.

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