The shiniest of shovels, here’s how to get this Amiibo before it sells out

Amiibo hunters, beware! There's a new Amiibo coming, and this one is particularly special.

It's a gold version of Shovel Knight, the titular character of the indie megahit that's taken plenty of consoles, including the Switch, by storm.

As is often the case with Nintendo, there's no guarantee there will be enough of these shiny shovellers to go around – so best get to pre-ordering. We also only know that it's coming this year with no actual date.

Luckily, we've got the best prices for what is sure to be a collectable before long.

Amazon – £14.99

GAME – £14.99

Base – £19.85

This Amiibo unlocks new abilities and challenges in the Shovel Knight games on Nintendo Switch, while it also unlocks Shovel Knight as a boss in Azure Striker Gunvolt 2.

If that's not enough shovel for one knight (sorry), then you can pick up the Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove of Amiibo too. This includes Specter Knight, Plague Knight and King Knight, so you can play all knight long (ok, that's the last one, we promise).

Amazon – £34.99

GAME – £34.99

Base – £33.85

Shovel Knight was a successful Kickstarter project for Yacht Club Games, and has made it's way to plenty of platforms before the Switch, and has been added to with huge content updates featuring the aforementioned Spectre, Plague, and King Knights.

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Just last month a spin-off sequel was announced called Shovel Knight: Dig, which turns the previously 2D platformer into a roguelike with stunning pixel graphics.

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