The Splinter Cell Remake Aims To "Set A Good Foundation For The Series Going Forward"

Ubisoft has revealed that it wants the Splinter Cell Remake to "set a good foundation for the series going forward", seemingly confirming that more Splinter Cell is on the way in the future.

If there's one dormant Ubisoft game series that fans have been wanting to see more of, it's Rayman. Sorry, my bias is showing there, it's actually Splinter Cell which, despite being one of the most popular and well-received stealth series out there alongside Hitman, hasn't seen a new entry since 2013's polarising Blacklist.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the original Splinter Cell, Ubisoft has released a video looking back on the series with a few of the developers working on the remake that was announced late last year. As well as getting nostalgic, it also gives us a little glimpse into the future in the form of a few new pieces of concept art and some new bits of info about how the game is shaping up.

As reported by GamesRadar+, one of the more notable things mentioned during the video is that the remake is intended to act as the groundwork for any future games in the series, implying that there's more in mind for Sam Fisher when this reimagined adventure is out of the way.

In response to creative director Christ Auty claiming that the remake is more than just a remaster and allows players to experience everything fresh, associate level design director Zavian Porter said, "We're aiming to create this top-tier remake and push quality as much as possible. It should help us set a good foundation for the franchise going forward."

Aside from the remake of the first game, Ubisoft hasn't currently announced anything else in development for the series, so the idea that the remake is aiming to set up mechanics for the future does seem to mean that Ubisoft is looking into what to do with Sam Fisher next. Considering it's currently setting up a remade version of the first game, it would make some sense for it to continue forward and keep remaking the rest of Sam Fisher's adventures, at least until it figures out what do with him in a more modern setting.

This will undoubtedly be good news for Splinter Cell fans as it'll be more than a decade since the last game in the series released by the time the remake comes out. Splinter Cell's protagonist, Sam Fisher, has appeared in several Ubisoft projects over the past few years, such as being the main focus of DLC for Ghost Recon and being made a playable character in Siege, but none of them have been what fans have really been asking for.

As for when we might see the next step in Splinter Cell's history, it looks like it might still be some time. The anniversary video released today revealed that the team is still prototyping the game and isn't rushing any of it, so it seems like seeing much new of it by 2023 might be a bit of a long-shot at this point.

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