The Witcher 3: The 10 Rarest Steel Swords, Ranked (& How To Find Them)

A silver sword may be a Witcher’s primary weapon in their endless war against beasts, but, every once in a while, something far worse crosses their path. Most humans despise Witchers and some of them are even foolish enough to cross blades with them too. In these situations, a Witcher must instead rely on their steel sword – which is far better equipped for the soft and tender flesh of men.

There are more than 100 such swords to choose from in The Witcher 3, but those looking for the very best need look no further than relics and Witcher swords. Given that the latter can be crafted though, they can hardly be considered “rare.” Instead, some players prefer to wield one of the game’s many one-of-a-kind blades due to their impressive effects and interesting appearances.

10 Headhunter

Players can find Headhunter during the “Blood Gold” treasure hunt. To do so, they’ll need to dispatch the six drowners and then look for the body that’s propped up against one of the tables. Looting it should provide them with a key and a bloodstained document. After reading the latter, they can follow the nearby blood trail to a hidden chest that contains the sword.

The usefulness of Headhunter will depend on how lucky the player is, as its effects are generated at random. It can have as much as +45 armor piercing and +60% critical hit damage bonus while also increasing the chances of a critical hit by five or six percent and the chance of dismembering by one or two. Players can reload in the hopes of getting better stats, but it really isn’t worth it unless they plan on using the sword in the long run.

9 Winter’s Blade

The Winter’s Blade can be given to Geralt by Crach an Craite upon the completion of the “Brothers In Arms: Skellige” main quest. The sword is a family heirloom that has been with the Crach clan for hundreds of years and so some players may feel guilty about taking it, especially as they’re unlikely to use it that much.

Although the Winter Blade’s effects aren’t quite as good as the theoretical maximums for Headhunter, they are fixed meaning there’s no need for reloading. It offers +40 armor piercing, a 55% critical hit bonus and a 10% chance to freeze. It also has one fewer slot, but considering this isn’t an endgame sword this isn’t too big a deal.

8 Cleaver Hood

Players can loot the Cleaver Hood from the Therazane earth elemental enemy during the contract quest, “Doors Slamming Shut”. Sadly, it’s fairly underwhelming and so is definitely not an endgame sword. It should be useful during the earlier stages of the game though.

Its effects are random and so it’s possible for players to repeat the contract until they get the stats they want. At its best, it provides +90 armor piercing, increases the player’s critical hit damage bonus by 70% and has a 2% chance to dismember.

7 Teigr

Teigr is a little unique in that it is the only Witcher Gear steel sword in the game that cannot be crafted. It must instead be either looted from Gaetan if Geralt kills him in the “Where the Cat and Wolf Play” DLC quest or found in a chest during the “Take What You Want” quest if he is spared.

The sword provides a rather underwhelming 15% increase to Aard Sign intensity and increases the chances of both critical hits and bleeding by 10%. There’s also a rather handy +5% experience bonus. What can make Teigr useful is that unlike other Witcher swords, the weapon’s attributes are scaled to Geralt’s level when he first obtains it.

6 Toussaint Ducal Guardsman’s Steel Sword

The Toussaint Ducal Guardsman’s Steel Sword can be acquired during the quest, “A Portrait of the Witcher as an Old Man” in the Blood and Wine expansion. While modeling for the painter, a griffin will fly down and attack Geralt. After defeating it, the sword can be looted.

At +200, it offers one of the largest armor piercing bonuses in the game and supplements this with a fairly respectable 50% bonus to critical hit damage. It also increases the chances of a critical hit by 10% and has a 10% chance to cause bleeding and stun. It’s not the best sword in the game, but can dish out some decent damage all the same.

5 Blave

Gwent is not only an incredibly enjoyable side activity, but also a great way to pick up some useful and unique weapons and items. In the Blood and Wine DLC, players can get their hands on Blave by beating Hamal ogn Dangbahli in the first round of the “Gwent: To Everything – Turn, Turn, Tournament”.

It’s a decent weapon for anybody who uses a a lot of signs but still wants to be able to dish out some decent physical damage as well. It increases the intensity of Aard and Axii signs by 15% and Igni signs by 24%. The sword also improves the chances of a critical hit by 15% and boosts critical hit damage by 75%

4 Hen Gaidth / Tesham Mutna

The Hen Gaidth and Tesham Mutna steel swords both feature in the Blood and Wine expansion and both offer the exact same effects. The former can be found in the Unseen Elder’s Cave during the “What Lies Unseen” quest while the latter can be found in the Tesham Mutna Ruins during the “La Cage au Fou” quest.

Both swords offer +150 armor piercing, a 75% critical hit damage bonus and make landing a critical hit 15% more likely. They also increase the chance to cause bleeding and stun by the same amount. These stats alone make them quite deadly, but when paired with their respective armor sets (which are found at the same locations) they become even more useful.

3 Iris

Players can obtain Iris during the “Whatsoever a Man Soweth” quest at the end of the Hearts of Stone expansion. To do so, they’ll need to accept O’Dimm’s challenge and emerge victorious from the battle of wits. As a reward for saving his soul, Olgierd will present Geralt with his steel sword, Iris.

At first glance, this might seem like a pretty terrible sword with no slots nor any special effects. What it does have, however, is an ability that converts Geralt’s health into additional attack power when it’s fully charged. Rather than wielding this somewhat literal double-edged sword as intended though, players can instead use strong attacks before the sword is fully charged for the additional attack power without the hit to Geralt’s health.

2 Vitis

Vitis was added to the game in the Blood and Wine expansion and can be found near Longlocks’ Tower in the Land of a Thousand Fables. A nearby Will o’ the Wisp will guide players to a fallen knight and it’s here that they can find the sword.

Vitis is the perfect steel sword for anybody going for a signs build as it increases the intensity of all five signs by 20%. It also has three slots and is one of the best looking blades in the game. It’s best paired with the Griffin Armor Set which also made its debut in the Blood and Wine DLC.

1 Hjalmar’s Steel Sword

Players can acquire Hjalmar’s Steel Sword during the “King’s Gambit” quest. They can either defeat the Vildkaarl in a fistfight or pay 350 crowns for it in the event that they lose. It’s important that players do so before speaking with Crache to advance the story though.

The sword only has one slot, but its critical hit damage bonus can be anywhere from +45% to an insane +200%. It also offers a two or three percent experience boost, which is a nice added bonus. For those with the patience, it’s possible to reload repeatedly until the game offers the +200% bonus.

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