This Week In Modding: Skyrim Necromancy, Web-Slinging Morbius, And More

Unsurprisingly, mods for Marvel’s Spider-Man continue to dominate the headlines. Reskins for the main man himself are everywhere, as it seems players want to play as anyone except Peter Parker. And even if they want to play as Peter, they want to be a different Peter.

Of course, we also have our usual Skyrim mod highlight, as fans continue to find ways to improve upon the 2011 RPG. All of that and more in this week’s mod round-up.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Modders Have Made A Go Kart Mode

Bored of playing Rocket League? Why not play it in CS:GO, courtesy of a go-kart racing mod from Steam users Imtlss and Squink? This modding duo have made a fully functioning racing mode in CS:GO and you can download it straight from Steam via the game’s Steam Workshop page. Of course, this means they’ve created a whole course too, letting you play games of capture the flag from within a kart, just as you would in Rocket League.

Skyrim Characters Will Get Angry At You For Raising The Dead With This Mod

Kind of weird how no one in Skyrim has much of an opinion on necromancy, right? This mod changes that, making it so NPCs have the appropriate reaction to you raising the dead right in front of them. Walking into a settlement with a corpse will now understandably turn some heads, with 150 new reactions added for those who want to use the dark arts in front of a crowd. It will even affect your relationship with certain NPCs too, so be careful who you’re casting in front of.

Modders Bring Morbius Into Spider-Man Remastered

The best Spider-Man villain was sadly absent from Insomniac's take on the web-slinger. However, now that the game is available on PC, fans have been able to right this wrong. Courtesy of Nexus Mods user HiBlakkes, Morbius has been added to Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered. Better yet, this mod makes him the hero, allowing you to fly around New York in his iconic comic book drip. Yeah, sorry, no Jaret Leto Morb here. The original just looks way better.

This Spider-Man Mod Brings Back Original Peter And It's Nightmare Fuel

Sticking with Spider-Man, we have another overhaul mod – and this one is perhaps even more terrifying. Many of us preferred Peter’s old face, before it was overhauled in the remastered version of the game, but this might be taking it too far. Nexus Mods user tiffsomniac found that there is still a static version of the old face in the game's files, and put it over the new one. However, since it’s static, it can’t move – making it look like nightmare fuel whenever Peter’s face moves an inch. Any emotions will contort his face horrifically, probably making you think that the new model isn’t so bad after all.

Elden Ring Mod Brings Mario And Luigi To The Lands Between

It’s been too long since Super Mario Odyssey, so let’s just make our own sequel. Thanks to this mod from jjaneck1, you can now run around the Lands Between as the Super Mario Bros. themselves. Even better, the mod works in co-op, so you and a buddy can team up as Mario and Luigi to take on bosses. Just imagine you’re playing a really hardcore version of Super Mario Bros. Wii from back in the day. They’ve been given a bit of a boost in height so they work in the game, but otherwise they’re completely faithful to their official appearances, creating a beautiful tonal dissonance.

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