This Week In Modding: Sonic Frontiers, Mass Effect 2, And More

As usual, this week's mod round-up includes a highlight from the Mass Effect community, with fans still finding new ways to play after 13 years. However, we also have a couple of entries from games we don’t cover as often, including two popular 3D platformers.

All of that and more features in our weekly mod rundown.

Mass Effect Mod Lets You Choose Miranda On The Suicide Mission Without Getting Anyone Killed

As you find out during Mass Effect 2, Miranda is genetically perfect. She’s tougher, ages slower, and can somehow run around the battlefield in high heels. However, even perfection has limits, as she’s an awful choice in the Suicide Mission’s biotics segment. Yes, despite being built for battle, she will get someone killed if she’s chosen to protect the squad with her biotics. Now, a fan has addressed this strange mistake, making her a viable option for the task. If chosen with this mod installed, she won’t let the biotic shield drop too early, and everyone will make it to the next part of the mission intact.

Sonic Frontiers Mod Fixes Pop-In, Shows More Of The Map At Once

Sonic Frontiers is a pretty goddamn fun game, but no one’s praising it for its technical performance. At launch, it was struggling to reach 60fps, and even after some updates, the pop-in is still pretty rough. Thankfully, a fan is fixing that with a new mod that lets you display more details on the map at once. This allows PC players with the right setup to reduce the number of items that pop in as you run into them. Another setting also lets you turn down the number of visible objects, potentially helping you achieve a higher frame rate if your setup isn’t up to the task.

Cyberpunk 2077 Mod Makes Night City Even More Dangerous

As we still wait for the Phantom Liberty DLC release date, fans are finding ways to mix up Cyberpunk 2077. This week was no exception, with Immersive City making Night City a more dangerous place to live. With the mod installed, NPCs will be much tougher, but also spawn with loot that V can nab from their bodies. If you're not the violent sort, however, the mod also lets you rob NPCs, living out your futuristic GTA dreams. But with some NPCs being a higher level than V you better be careful.

Mario Sunshine's FLUDD Has Been Modded Into Super Mario Odyssey

Believe it or not, some of us actually enjoyed Super Mario Sunshine. And now us weirdos can bring our love of its different take on Mario platforming to Odyssey with a mod that adds FLUDD to the game This means you can hover, rocket blast, and turbo your way through Odyssey, just as you could in Sunshine. It’s the perfect way to mix up your next Odyssey playthrough, and bring back that childhood nostalgia fun with the FLUDD mechanics. It’s even better if you’re not big on Sunshine’s level design.

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