This Week In Modding: TASM 2 Suit In Spider-Man, Joker Romance, And More

Spider-Man is finally on PC and aflush with mods as fans are adding all the suits they can think of, while Mass Effect romances still top the charts all these years later.

It’s been a busy seven days for mods, whether you’re a Half-Life fan or still plodding along in Cyberpunk 2077, so here are the highlights neatly brought together for you.

Spider-Man Modders Add TASM 2 Suit And Final No Way Home Outfit

We got a bunch of MCU Spider-Man suits, the Raimi costume, and even the TASM getup in Marvel’s Spider-Man, but that left out a couple of fan-favourites like No Way Home’s final outfit and the TASM 2 look. So modders have stepped in and brought them to life – now you can swing around New York City with Andrew Garfield’s signature look, complete with the big white eyes and vibrant suit that just pops against the iconic metropolis. Or you can don Tom Holland’s home-sewn getup from the final scenes of No Way Home.

Half-Life 2 Mod Gives You Control Of A Combine Squad

The original Half-Life was built on by Gearbox with three expansions, letting you step into the shoes of Black Mesa’s security team, the HECU who swept into the facility to clean up witnesses, and other scientists dealing with the outbreak. Modders have since tried to give that same treatment to Half-Life 2, with Entropy: Zero 2 continuing the story of Aiden Walker who has now joined the Overwatch Elite to hunt down Judith Mossman. It’s a break from the usual silent protagonist, following in the footsteps of Alyx, now giving a voice to Walker.

Cyberpunk 2077 Mod Lets You Keep Stolen Cars

If you nick a car in Cyberpunk 2077, you can’t keep it. What goes on behind the scenes, you definitely didn’t ask? Well, maybe V gave it back out of human decency, maybe it got towed away, or maybe they totalled it in an accident. Whatever the case, that car ain’t yours anymore. Until now. A new mod lets you keep all the rides you ‘borrow’, even giving it an in-game lore explanation. V apparently has the NCPD’s power to “legally appropriate” vehicles. That’s handy.

Mass Effect 3 Mod Adds Joker Romance With New Voiced Dialogue And Cutscenes

So many of Mass Effect’s characters are romanceable but modders have been working hard for years to expand on BioWare’s ideas and even bring back cut concepts such as axed LGBTQ+ options. And now, modders are back again with a fully-voiced Joker path, letting you date the Normandy pilot at long last. With how much time Shepard and Joker spend together, it’s fitting that they find a shared bond.

This Dragon Age Modder Is Putting Inquisition Character Models In Origins

Finally, one modder is hard at work making Origins a little less ugly. Like a lot of older RPGs, its NPCs aren’t the best looking, but there are some perfectly good models for the same characters that can be found in later games, so Lihunnykt is porting them back to give Origins a literal facelift. Tied with other remaster projects, you could make the first Dragon Age look a whole lot more modern.

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